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Firsthand report of arrests, tear gas, beatings of peaceful demonstrators at detention centre

Interview with independent journalist Stefan Christoff

by Dru Oja Jay

 Note: the use of tear gas at detention centre is not confirmed, but police did use some kind of smoke weapon. 

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bar baz


tear gas/pepper spray

fuck the pig police.  FYI: pigs have been using pepper spray projectile canisters.  pepper spray has a 'pepper'-like taste and is usually a finer mist, tear gas has an 'apple blossom' scent and has a thicker smoke....

fuck the pig protesters. You

fuck the pig protesters. You run amok here, you get what you deserve. Go try this crap in a real police state. We'll be sure to give you a state funeral

That's right...

 Protesting is definitely call for widespread police violence and assaults. Good thinking, douche above me.

Todays July 10th protest

 So another peaceful protest is coming today to Toronto.I'm sure there will be no police there,as they were the "instigators",so the police services board is keeping it quiet telling officers to stay away.There were too many arrests last time so that's enough.I just told a BIG LIE here,just like the activists told THE BIG LIE to everyone about the police being the thugs.

I didn't want the G20 here also,but i have no problem with countries coming together to discuss world issues in the right place. Foreign poor countries have been given much help,but the guys running the countries pocket and bribe the money and goods that were to go to help their people.So don't just blame G20 conferences for the world problems

So ,for the rest of you innocents who got arrested marching with the thugs,too bad for you.If you are so rabid about this cause,why don't you join foreign aid that go to help those really in need.If you have a specialty to offer,your life would be more fulfilling than marching with thugs that pulled you into unforseen circumstances.

There was an old song "Student Demonstration Time/Stay away there's a riot going on" by the Beach Boys that could have been applied to those who were bystanders,then joined into the frey by marching or following too close,then got arrested.

You were told to move away after the original legitimate protest,but instead joined the "rent a mobbers who marched with the thugs.Then all the "me too" joiners that hid the real problem.

So welcome back black dressed thugs,who can't show your faces if you believe in the cause you are supposed to believe in. I never trusted anyone wearing a Hoodie wearing it on a hot summer day. At least you are lucky here to riot,get caught,go to court,then get off on parole.That's the way it works here in Toronto.

You run amok here, you get what you deserve. Go try this crap in a real police state. We'll be sure to give you a state funeral. Not us, THEM.

North Korea has wonderful parades for the state,but march out of sync with them,you may be never heard from again. Iran likes to stone people to death.


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