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Interview with Jesse Freeston of Real News

Journalist describes march, arrests, being punched in the face by police officer

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bar baz



FREESTON, in the video you referred to, I watched you attempting to get a photo over the backs of two police officers and your left hand touched them or brushed against them twice. I watched it twice and you appeared to be bracing yourself while taking a picture. It doesnt appear to be aggresive on your part, however, the police ordered people to get back and you did the opposite in an attempt to get your picture. And in that split second the cops are supposed to pause and wait to see if you are friend, foe or neutral. Give your adolecent head a shake!! What part of "Get Back" don't you understand. You chose to ignore it and you pais the price. Welcome to the REAL world. Perhaps you could post some pictures of the injuries you suffered as a result of getting "punched in the face, twice."

don't feel sorry for you

I was the guy with the spport the police sign u interviewed-as a photographer covering a riot thats the chance you take-are the polcie supposed to interview you one by one to find out your stories-the situation was dire-you got in the way-u get in the way of traffic you get run over-go figure

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