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Breaking News - Ottawa, Canada - Terror suspect will hear bail decision on October 31st

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Randall Shoemaker - accused Ottawa terrorist
Randall Shoemaker - accused Ottawa terrorist


Activist Teacher blog, a reliable source for independent Ottawa news, broke this story yesterday:


An Ontario Superior Court judge will render his decision October 31st whether an Ottawa resident civil servant accused of enabling and financing international terrorism will be granted bail pending trial.

The accused is federal employee of 22 years Randall Shoemaker.

Shoemaker is accused of helping to finance racial terrorism against the people of Afghanistan, including women and children, by providing regular installments from his pay and by helping to cover up the thus financed and ideologically motivated war-like aggression.

He is believed to have associations with co-terrorists who also contribute to the financing and who conspire to maintain a reign of terror in Afghanistan by shielding others who manufacture and deliver the weapons, including helicopter machine guns and guided missiles used against civilian targets for the purpose of destabilizing that country's national politics.

The Crown's case against bail was strong but is subject to a non-publication ban. Before the ban was ordered the Crown presented some evidence that the accused also helped support an ideological and fanatical criminal regime in the Middle East which has illegally occupied an entire nation for decades under conditions in violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Ottawa Police chief Vernard Verywhite has called for all persons with information about any other members of this believed broad terrorist network to come forward. Verywhite said "It could be anyone, your neighbours, your employees, your parents, even your closest friends."

Investigators of CSIC Project Shitonthem were involved in the difficult and extensive undercover work that led to Shoemaker's arrest last month. CSIC believes that more similar plots are planned against other sovereign nations with brown people, including women and children, for many years to come if not uprooted soon.

(c) 2010 Activist Teacher All Rights Reserved

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304 words


I don't even know where to start...

this blog makes no sense.

"Vernard Verywhite" ... who is that? 

Did you mean Vernon White?

by "reliable source for independent Ottawa news," were you referring to your own blog?

you talk about "CSIC Project Shitonthem."


Project Shitonthem?

Dude, WTF. Take your bullshit elsewhere.


Is this a mock-site made by someone trying to defame Dennis Rancourt, or is he trying to get assassinated by Mossad? :\

This is a news site....

Certainly this article was intended to be a parody and has no reason to be here on a grassroots news site; neither is this grassroots news.  Regardless, the author's sarcasm went unnoticed; instead seeming like a severe case of "the typos" and ill fact checking.  

   I routinely come to the mediacoop for news and did find it frustrating to be fuct around by a joker.   In the least I would suggest to Mr. Rancourt that parodic material be clearly labeled at the start and then we can all avoid having to swim through his tripe.  At best I would hope we can collectively discourage messing up the good thing we got going here.

Oh yes, and your blog Mr. Rancourt.... not a reliable news source.

good call

I agree...


Thanks for the feedback. This was a trial to see the response and the place on this site for this kind of social commentary. I think it has its place here. Note that there are two different categories of posts: News stories and Blog posts. The news story titles are in bold type.

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