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Two Quebec student unions join in call for student strikes in the rest of Canada

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Two Quebec student unions join in call for student strikes in the rest of Canada

We have received word that two student unions in Quebec have passed resolutions in support of the open letter to the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS), which calls for the mobilization of a student strike in the rest of Canada. The following is an English translation of the resolution passed by the Political Science and Law Association at UQAM ( l'AFESPED), and by the Philosophy Students Association at l'Université de Montréal ( l'ADEPUM).  The original French resolution follows the English.


"Whereas the student struggle in Quebec is taking place in an overall perspective of the rejection of the commodification and corporatization of Education,

Considering the level of debt and high tuition fees in Canada,

Recognizing our responsibility of solidarity with the students in Canada and around the world,

That this union endorse and sign the petition initiated by student activists of Ontario to push their student association, the CFS, to start a mobilization campaign that would lead to a strike vote in the fall."


As well, the ADEPUM also added the following to the resolution:

1. Make members of ADEPUM individually sign the open letter.

2. Encourage the social action committee of the CLASSE to spread the strike movement to North American universities."


Below is the original French-language resolution:

Considérant que la lutte étudiante québécoise s’inscrit dans une perspective de rejet global de la marchandisation et de la tarification de l’éducation,

Considérant le niveau d’endettement et le haut niveau des frais de scolarité au Canada,

Considérant notre responsabilité de solidarité face aux étudiants-es  au Canada et dans le reste du monde,

Que l’AFESPED endosse et signe la pétition initiée par des militants-es étudiants-es de l’Ontario visant à pousser leur association étudiante, la FCEE, à démarrer une campagne de mobilisation qui mènerait à un vote de grève à l’automne.



The above was originally posted on

The Open Letter that has been referred to was originally posted on the Toronto Media Co-op, here is the link:


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337 words


Consider honorary Quebec Student Memberships outside Quebec

I think that students everywhere know what is happening to their futures and the rest of us...they know that this action is not solely about tuition hikes. There's a saying in Anglais... Go Take A Hike... which means amongst other things, Get Lost! I don't know if this would carry en francaise... Honorary Membership could be to: La  College de Loi du Bulldozer de Quebec. or: Le College de Rendements Decroissants. Your rally should say "Join Us..Because We're All Falling Apart!!!


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