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UPDATE: Algonquin Land Defender & Elder Louise Wawatie Recovering in Hospital from a Stroke

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UPDATE: Algonquin Land Defender & Elder Louise Wawatie Recovering in Hospital from a Stroke

On January 18, 2013, Algonquin Elder Louise Wawatie suffered a stroke in Kichi Sipi/Ottawa. Her daugther took her to the hospital when she saw something was not right. The week before, Elder Louise led a prayer at a UOttawa Idle No More Round Dance on campus in Tabaret Hall. In July, 2012, Elder Louise was arrested and jailed for eight days for stopping logging by Resolute Forest Products on traditional Algonquin territory (Lac Poigan, QC). A court injunction granted to Resolute against Elder Louise led to her arrest. 

"The world has to know that the road of life, the gift that we are given by the all about life."    -Elder Louise

Please keep Elder Louise in your heart and prayers. Her brother, Elder Jake Wawatie, keeps updates on his sister's slow recovery in hospital on his facebook page. Updates may also be found at


1. August 1, 2012 - Traditional Algonquin Elders Louise and Joseph Wawatie Arrested by SQ for Protesting Continued Logging by Resolute Forest Products:

2. Video: Call to All Nations - Elder Louise speaks upon her release from jail as the Eagle and Condor feathers she is holding fall: 

Elder Jake: “The meaning of the feathers falling is: Who is going to stand up for the collective nation that walks upon Mother Earth? This Grandmother is calling to all Nations to stand for the future generations. It is for the world of the future and may the youth of this world voice their own destiny.”

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