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An Open Letter to Mayor Miller on G20 Police Actions

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 Mayor Miller,

I understand what a difficult position you are in with respect to Police actions during the weekend of the G20 summit. However, I would like to encourage you to take a close look at both the facts (video evidence) and the independent reports. Upon review of this information, there is only one conclusion to be drawn.
Canadian tax payers lost well over 1 billion dollars to this fiasco, the bulk of which was spent on security. With this much police/security presence in the city, how was it possible for a hundred or so vandals to do so much damage? Where were the police while this damage was being done? Why were police cruisers abandoned in the streets with empty fuel tanks (there were no gasoline explosions) and empty trunks (no evidence of standard police gear/weapons/ammunition)?
The fact of the matter is that the *vandalism* (there was little "violence", despite the media's sensational but incorrect use of the word) on Saturday was *allowed to happen*. These events were *necessary*, in fact. First, they provided the mainstream media with the footage required to convince the nation that Toronto was filled with "violent" protests throughout the weekend. Secondly, but equally as important, the police/security forces then had reason to exercise the full extent of the powers given to them by the secret law passed only days before the event - laws that were only to be in effect within 5 meters of "the fence".
All of this was necessary to achieve what happened on Sunday - a day that will most certainly take its place in Canadian history books. On Sunday, the full police/security *exercise* went into full swing. Specific members of peaceful activist and human rights groups were illegally arrested, rounded up and detained. The TCMN offices were infiltrated and put on lock-down. Countless peaceful protesters and innocent bystanders were assaulted and arrested by police, who *practiced* using their rubber bullets, tear gas, batons, and intimidation/fear tactics. Hundreds of minutes of video stand as undeniable proof of this. People did not receive any warnings or instructions; they were simply attacked. The police also targeted the media with undue force; preventing them from reporting what was really happening or illegally arresting and brutally beating them. All of this is documented by the victims themselves and by bystanders with video cameras.
Captives were/are being treated deplorably. Many detainees have come forward with shocking reports of abuse - it will make you sick to know what went on in there, but I encourage you to read the accounts, many of which are linked on this page  A public, independent investigation/inquiry into this is *mandatory*. Anything less is unacceptable. 
What we witnessed this weekend in our city was a billion dollar planned exercise of police/security forces in a *Martial Law* scenario. It was an exercise of technology, weaponry, tactics and command structure. It was an exercise of the police force's ability to implement a makeshift *concentration camp*. It was a test of the manipulated mainstream media's ability to proliferate propaganda to the nation. It was a test to see just how much Canadians are willing to be pushed around, and just how effective the propaganda is.
It was a failure. Many Canadians can see right through it. The video evidence, independent reports, personal accounts of detainees, etc. are all there on the Internet. The truth is not debatable. The facts speak for themselves. The days of governments getting away with this type of control are numbered.
In light of this, ask yourself again why Mr. Harper insisted on this event taking place where it did. Ask yourself what would motivate Mr. Harper to do such a thing, keeping in mind that Mr. Harper and the bulk of the "Conservative" government are in fact *Reform Party* members.
Now, as Mayor of this great city, as a proud Canadian, do you want to be a part of the disease, or a part of the cure?
Sincerely and with respect,
Paul Yates

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The Canned Response

 Dear Paul,


Thanks for writing.


The events of this past weekend were sad and unfortunate. A couple of hundred criminals infiltrated and undermined otherwise peaceful protests and caused the destruction they did was truly regrettable.


Mayor Miller has expressed his confidence in the way police handled the reaction under very trying circumstances but he also recognizes that there are some legitimate questions being raised about some of the tactics used on Sunday. If there are concerns about any aspect of the police activities, there is now an independent provincial agency established to follow up on those complaints.


The Mayor shares the anger and frustration of all Torontonians who saw their city attacked by outsiders who came here to cause destruction and vandalism. This is not the Toronto way and we will move on.


For your consideration, here is a link to a news conference held on June 28, 2010 in which some of your questions and more were raised. I would encourage you to listen to the Mayor's words directly.



For police complaints you may wish to contact:

Office of the Independent Police Review Director



Joanne Miller

YATES......take your meds or

YATES......take your meds or increase the dosage you currently take

You complain of media and police spin yet engage in a yarn that could only be described as fantasy, however we all know that was your intent


See the truth for yourself

It would be very interesting

It would be very interesting to see if the black clothed cops can be identified in photos where property is being attacked by their clothing, shoes, physical build, etc.

The so-called Black-Bloc is actually the Cop-Bloc

The so-called Black-Bloc didn't undermine the protests, it was the politicians and the police. The politicians by choosing to protect the G20 by secretly passing an anti civil liberties Regulation and the police for enforcing it beyond its stated boundaries and not protecting private property by being totally absent from where it was obvious damage would occur. There was an "agenda", to purposefully neglect protecting private property to encourage vandalism and the focus of its coverage in the media in order to justify the more than $1 Billion of the People's money that was squandered on "protection". The "outsiders" who attacked Toronto were the Federal Government, the Provincial Government and the various amalgamated forces including the military, the RCMP, and police from other jurisdictions and Toronto of whom most live in the suburbs or outside Toronto. I don't believe Mayor Miller actually supports what the police did, Miller and other politicians must support the police because the police have retaliated against people, including politicians, who have publicly criticized them. We all know who the real criminals are.

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