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Rebel! Rebuild! Rewild!

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Dear comrades, rabble-rousers, nature-loving radicals, and aspiring revolutionaries,

It is with excitement that we announce the second annual Rebel! Rebuild! Rewild! action camp, which will take place on unceded Algonquin territory this summer. R!R!R! 2015 will run from June 22-28 in a beautiful forest setting North of Ottawa.

Rebel! Rebuild! Rewild! is an eco-anarchist action camp where those of us who dream of a wild future can meet, get to know each other, educate one another, learn skills, and organize for the liberation of Mother Earth. We believe that on behalf of future generations, the oppressed people of today, and all our relations, we are called to take action to defend the water, air, land and biodiversity upon which our survival depend.

We also acknowledge that the environmental movement does not exist in a vacuum - civilization is not based only on the exploitation of nature, but also the oppression of innumerable human beings. More than by the police, we are subjugated by a complex hierarchy, devised by our rulers over centuries to keep us divided. Earth liberation means human liberation - and human liberation means dismantling oppression in all its expression. Therefore, values of anti-racism, feminism, decolonization and queer-positivity will be woven into our organizing.

We also believe that fighting against specific industrial projects can only advance our cause so far. To truly enact revolutionary ambitions, we must also be building the world that we want to replace the current social order with. For this reason, R!R!R! will include space for workshops on Earth skills, such as D.I.Y. healthcare, gardening, permaculture, foraging, crafting, squatting, scavenging, wilderness survival, etc…

We are counting on YOU to make this camp happen. We are now accepting proposals for workshops, skill shares, discussions, trainings, and activities. Write us at and tell us what you can offer, what you want to R!R!R! to include, or to ask us questions.

More details will be forthcoming, so check our website ( to stay updated.

Registration will open within the next few days, and is required.

In Solidarity,

Rebel! Rebuild! Rewild!

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