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posted by max.tennant2 in on Mar 12, 2012 - View profile

Money for Education Not for War! No to War! Yes to Teachers! Stop Attacks at Home and Abroad!

- 11:00pm
Tuesday March 13 2012

* Please Forward Widely *

Public Lecture Series:

Money for Education Not for War!
No to War!
Yes to Teachers!
Stop Attacks at Home and Abroad!

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TUESDAY March 13
Britannia Community Center
1661 Napier St. at Commercial Dr.
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In the decade of Canada’s leading participation in the occupation of Afghanistan, Canada’s military has taken part in brutal killings, air raids, torture and the destruction of Afghanistan and the Afghan people. Yet the government of Canada still claims their stated aim of “continuing to support the formal education system in Afghanistan” and has promised that “Canada will continue to invest in education.”

How could the government of Canada be investing in Afghanistan’s education system, when they are not even investing in the education system here at home? Teachers, their unions and the education system across Canada are under attack from the government of Canada, and here in BC from the provincial government. The BC Teachers Federation (BCTF), currently engaged in a job action to fight for increased funding and better conditions for students and teachers in BC, has stated “we want the government to invest a lot more in students and a little more in teachers.”

The government of Canada is not investing in education, in Afghanistan or in Canada. Billions upon billions of public funds are being funneled into sending troops, weapons, fighter jets and bombs to destroy oppressed people around the world. It is up to peace loving people in Canada, alongside students and teachers, to join together under the banner of “Money for Education not for War!” “Yes to Students and Teachers, No to War!”

~ Multimedia, Speakers and Discussion ~
This lecture will include reports and analysis from antiwar activists and BCTF teachers on strike.

Join the facebook event at:

For poster click:

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MAWO ~ Mobilization Against War & Occupation
P 604-322-1764 || F 604-322-1763

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Topics: Labour
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