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posted by Megan Kinch on Aug 29, 2012 - View profile


See Stockwell Squirm + Noon Teach-In & Performances at Mahjoub hearings

- 4:00pm
Thursday September 6 2012

Venue: 180 Queen West
Address: 180 Queen West
Cost: free-bring lunch at noon!

Former Cabinet Minister, current corporate lobbyist and all-in-all right-wing, racist, homophobic, war-mongerer, Stockwell Day has been forced by Mohammad Mahjoub's lawyers to testify in Mr. Mahjoub's case and will finally appear on September 6th.

Join us in court to see Stockwell Day try to squirm his way out of taking responsibility for targetting Muslim men to create Islamophobic and xenophobic fear.

Bring lunch for a noon hour potluck and teach-in where we discuss the links between security certifi

cates, racism, immigration and the prison industrial complex.


:: Mohammad Mahjoub --
:: Rosina from LAL --
:: Leah Henderson --
:: Joan Ruza --
:: Test Their Logik --
:: No One Is Illegal - Toronto --

Stockwell was responsible for bringing in new security certificate legislation in 2007 over broad public protest. He personally signed new "security certificates" against Mohammad Mahjoub, Mahmoud Jaballah, Mohamed Harkat, Adil Charkaoui and Hassan Almrei in 2008, condemning them to further years of humiliation and arbitrary detention.

Its rare to see Tory elites being held to account in court so this a not-to-be missed event. Make sure you come out, and let your friends know too.


After a year’s delay, Mohammad Mahjoub’s “reasonability hearings” have started again. Reasonability hearings are what pass for a trial in security certificate cases. In parallel to the secret hearings in which secret information is presented to the judge in the absence of Mr. Mahjoub and his lawyers, public hearings, which Mr. Mahjoub, his lawyers and the public are allowed to attend, will resume this summer and continue through the fall. A secret hearing to cross-examine “CSIS#2″ took place at a secret location in Ottawa on July 6th.

It’s been an eventful year: In the summer of 2011, Department of Justice employees made off with boxes of Mr. Mahjoub’s confidential defense documents, leading to the suspension of reasonability hearings for an entire year. In December 2011, the media released confidential memos dating from 2008 in which CSIS admitted that the “bulk” of their case against Mr. Mahjoub was based on information likely obtained under torture. In February 2012, for the first time in 12 years, Mr. Mahjoub was permitted to leave Toronto; he immediately embarked on a seven-city speaking tour to tell his story to the public. In May, the Federal Court dismissed 11 government lawyers and clerks who were involved in seizing Mr. Mahjoub’s confidential defence documents – but ruled that the case should proceed. Finally, in June, on the eve of 12th anniversary protests in support of Mr. Mahjoub, the Federal Court threw out key parts of CSIS’s case against Mr. Mahjoub: after 12 years, the court acknowledged that CSIS-prepared summaries of some conversations were not reliable as evidence and were no substitute for the original transcripts, which CSIS had destroyed.

Mr. Mahjoub is one of three Muslim men, including Mahmoud Jaballah (arrested 2001 in Toronto) and Mohamed Harkat (arrested 2002 in Ottawa) still fighting to free themselves from the injustice of security certificates.

More information:
Justice for Mahjoub Network

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