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Turkey: Revolutionary Perspectives & Eyewitness Accounts

Public Discussion and Presentations

- 9:00pm
Friday June 14 2013

Venue: Ontario Institute for Studies in Education
Address: 252 Bloor St. West (rm 4414)
Cost: Voluntary donations
Accessibility: Yes

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Turkey: Revolutionary Perspectives & Eyewitness Accounts

The magnificent movement of the workers and youth of Turkey is an inspiration to the whole world. It has turned into a tidal wave of mass protests against the vicious and reactionary Erdogan regime. This is a peoples movement which has acquired insurrectionary dimensions.

Join Fightback and the "Canada Student Collective in Solidarity with Protesters in Turkey", for a jointly organized public discussion and presentation. One of our speakers, Aziz, has just returned from Turkey and will be contributing his eyewitness account of these important events. 


Ezgi Dogru, PhD student in Political Science Department in York University.

Farshad Azadian, supporter of Fightback magazine and York University student. 

Aziz Güzel, is a PhD student in Education Department in York University. 

Both Ezgi and Aziz are active organizers with the Turkish solidarity movement.


Date: June 14th, 2013
Time: 7:00pm-9:00pm
Location: Ontario Institute of Studies in Education (OISE), 252 Bloor St. West
Room Number: 4414

Facebook Event:

The root causes of the Turkish insurrection are the same as those that sparked off the Revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia. They are an expression of the global crisis of the capitalist system with obscene wealth alongside terrible misery, homelessness, youth unemployment, corrupt and dictatorial governments, backed by US imperialism, which trample over the people’s rights in order to enrich their super-rich backers.

The workers of Greece, Cyprus and Turkey, the workers of Europe, Egypt and the whole world have the same problems and are fighting the same enemy.

Down with Erdogan and his gang of thieves!
Solidarity with the workers and youth of Turkey!

Furthermore, we would like to encourage people to get involved in solidarity efforts in Toronto with the struggle in Turkey. Come out to figure out how you can help and be involved in these efforts. 

Co-organized by:
Fightback (
Canada Student Collective in Solidarity with Protesters in Turkey

(416) 461-0304

Organizer:647-204-5312 or

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