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posted by Gwalgen Dent in on Nov 11, 2009 - View profile


Dominion's Special Issues Launch - Toronto

Launch of the Dominion's Special Issue on the Olympics by the Toronto Media Coop

Thursday November 19 2009

Venue: The Painted Lady
Address: 218 Ossington Ave

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Get Real Coverage.Introducing the Dominion’s special issue on the 2010 Olympics.This event will also be showcasing the launch of THIS magazine's latest issue!Olympic Competition?16,500 troops and police. 2,500 athletes.At least 16,500 cops, soldiers, and security guards will descend on Vancouver andWhistler in 2010. These include US Naval vessels and airborne drones. They are wellahead of the 5,000 athletes arriving for the games.Olympic Sponsor?The “green olympics,” brought to you by Suncor.Petro Canada is providing the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee with $63million in support, which includes $18-million in cash. Petro Canada was taken overby Suncor, Canada’s largest tar sands operator, and now the fifth largest oil companyin North America, in early 2009. Olympic Fundraiser?Bail out GM, bail out the Olympics.General Motors provided $67 million in cash and cars in 2005. Since the companydeclared bankruptcy, it has received $9.5 billion from Ottawa and US$30 billion fromWashington. GM has cut thousands of jobs, but it is “fully committed to our support”for the Olympics. Olympic Venue?100,000 trees.More than 100,000 trees have been cut down to build roads and construct newvenues for the 2010 Olympics. Venues such as the Nordic Centre in the CallaghanValley are being built in environmentally sensitive areas. Come out and support indpendent media and coverage. Support the Dominion and!


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