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posted by dru in on Jun 28, 2010 - View profile


Jail Solidarity Rally Denouncing Police Violence

Monday June 28 2010

Venue: Toronto Police Headquarters
Address: 40 College (at Yonge)

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Denoucing Violence

How about denoucing the Black Bloc violence!

the black bloc targeted

the black bloc targeted billion dollar coporations, a police state and a few unfriendly businesses that are symblos of the patriarchal and consumer society.  if they wanted to hurt people like the police did, they could have, but they do not beleive in that.  if the black bloc was not there to protect those around them, the police would have beat a lot more bleeding heart liberals, hippies, journalists, and uninvolved civilians.

Saying 'Police Violence' is

Saying 'Police Violence' is quite redundant.......police are synomous with violence.

How about just denouncing police and the fucked society that need them

Solidarity from Van

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