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Rally To Free Kelly Pflug Back

Stand With Our Comrades !!!!Free All G20 Prisoners!!!!

Tuesday July 27 2010

Venue: College Park Court House
Address: College and Younge St.

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Rally To Free Kelly Pflug Back
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Tuesday · 10:30am - 5:00pm

LocationCollege Park Courthouse

College and Younge St.
Toronto, ON

Created By

More InfoCome out and support our comrade and friend Kelly at her bail hearing. We will be meeting outside the courthouse where we will share stories about the positive work she has done and the contributions that she has made in our communities. We will also take a stand against the demonization of Kelly by the police, then go inside to support our comrade during her bail hearing.

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The scandal

Personally I've been critical of those that caused property damage at the G20, but the treatment handed out to Kelly is an absolute disgrace. Why is she being treated like some kind of dangerous terrorist? The Police only ever make public appeals to locate suspects when there is an urgent need to get them off the streets and other avenues of inquiry have been exhausted. The judicial risk is that her presumed "guilt" is being broadcast to the entire community when it has yet to be tested in court. We still presume innocence in Canada, don't we?

There's been no suggestion whatsoever that she was trying to evade Police, apart from a solitary visit by a couple of cops to one address. The Police are alleging she was "personally responsible for thousands of dollars worth of damage". Whoopdy doo! When was the last time they held a press conference for a bit of vandalism? For God's sake, worse damage is done every Saturday night in Toronto.

I agree with the sentiment, 'free Kelly Pflug-Back', but the issue here is much larger and should be of interest to the entire community. The Police have way over-stepped their role as investigators of crime. They are using Kelly as a political scapegoat, most likely to cover up their own excesses during the G20.

Mainstream media have also (some at least) picked up that something fishy is going on here. 

I've been vociferous in criticizing the Black Bloc, but now I feel stupid. Kelly is being hung out to dry by a Police system that is making an unethical political power-play. By scapegoating Kelly they're trying to win "votes" from the public at large, they clearly want some in the bank to hedge against likely criticism from the G20.

The left were asking during the G20 for the Police to 'do their job'. Kelly's persecution makes it clear that they've forgotten what their job is.

Freeing Kelly Pflug-Back is something anyone who believes in human rights, the rule of law, fairness and freedom in Canada needs to get behind.






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