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Ramirez vs Copper Mesa and the TSX

Call for attendance in solidarity with the plaintiffs

Thursday November 25 2010

Venue: Court of Appeal, Courtroom 2, Osgoode Hall
Address: 130 Queen Street West
Cost: free

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Court of Appeal hearing in the case of Ramirez versus Copper Mesa and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The plaintiffs, represented by the Klippensteins legal firm, are three Ecuadorans who were assaulted and threatened because of their opposition to an open-pit copper mine in Ecuador's Intag valley. The defendants are Canadian mining company Copper Mesa, two of the company's directors, and the Toronto Stock Exchange.

The key question that the Court of Appeal will consider is whether it is possible that the defendants have a legal duty to consider the consequences that their decisions can have on people like Marcia, Israel and Polivio.  If there is a chance that the TSX and the directors of Copper Mesa owe legal duties to Marcia, Israel and Polivio, the claim must be allowed to proceed to trial.

Attendance would demonstrate concern over the issues involved. Earlier this year, a lower court dismissed the claim. The hearing begins at 10:30am and should last until mid-afternoon.

Organizer:Klippensteins, Barristers and Solicitors:

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