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posted by Megan Kinch in on Mar 10, 2011 - View profile


Community Townhall: Protect Public Housing

Esplanade Community Youth Group

Tuesday March 29 2011

Venue: St. Lawrence Recreation Centre (to be confirmed)
Address: 230 the Esplanade (may change)

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We are facing a housing crisis in Toronto. It is impossible to find quality and affordable housing in this city. Waiting lists for subsidies in public housing are at a appalling 15-21 years. Rents have skyrocketed and continue to rise. Working class people sometimes have to choose between paying their rent and putting food on the table. Our housing is regularly left in a state in disrepair, with the Toronto Community Housing Cor...poration (TCHC) being over 300 million dollars behind in maintenance. This is direct result of the massive cuts to the funding of public housing by Federal and Provincial governments.

Meanwhile, the corrupt TCHC bosses have no problems carrying these cuts through while lavishly spending on spas, cruises and parties, as well as giving out un-tendered contracts to their buddies. Furthermore, the recent scandal has opened up the TCHC to attacks by the right wing.

Rob Ford’s “Solution” is to sell off our public housing to his friends on Bay Street. The future of our homes and communities are to lie in the hands of big business profiteers.This will mean more run-down units, cuts to subsidies, evictions and layoffs of maintenance staff so that the rich can make another buck. Since many of our homes are on valuable downtown lands, new owners will likely consider building condo projects which would be more profitable to them.

We must ensure that our families and children have access to affordable and quality housing. We know the money is there because both Conservative and Liberal governments have no problem handing billions to big business and banks through tax breaks and bailouts. We demand the funding for affordable and quality housing for all. Furthermore, tenants should democratically control all of the TCHC. We cannot compromise on the future of our communities.

Smash the Rob Ford Agenda of corporate ownership of our communities!

Out with the corrupt TCHC Bosses! For Tenants Control of Housing!

Join us for the Community Townhall

Location: St. Lawrence Recreation Centre, 230 the Esplanade (may change)
Date & Time: Tuesday, March 29th, 6pm-9pm
Note that details may change (date & location)

Esplanade Community Group
Toronto Young New Democrats

(we welcome endorsements and help organizing)
phone: 647-204-5312 (Farshad)

Organizer:(we welcome endorsements and help organizing) email: phone: 647-204-5312 (Farshad)

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