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Enough is Enough! Friends & Relatives of the Disappeared

Protest in front of the Metro United Church in Toronto

by Daniel Libby - Toronto Media Co-Op Contributor

Enough is Enough! Friends & Relatives of the Disappeared

A 10 minute radio segment featured on Word of Mouth Wednesday 7-8pm on CKLN 88.1 FM campus-community spoken word radio in Toronto, Feb. 10th 2010 show,


Friends & Relatives of the Disappeared rally in Toronto, featuring Kevin Annett Eagle Strong Voice of Hidden From History, more info:

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Kevin Annett

"Enough is Enough" of Kevin Annett's outrageous lies and defilement of this issue.

Residential school graves research a daunting task

Why is it that when Kevin Annett ( wants to do the same thing as Trent University scholar John Milloy - document how many children died, went missing or were buried in unmarked graves at residential schools across the country from the late 1800s through much of the 1900s - he is vilified, while Milloy ( gets put in charge of a commission? Could it be because Annett and those who work with him insist on justice for the children, not just documentation?

All approaches and input to this process will be healthful

The full truths are gradually & will eventually fully come to light, all of it. Much of what is available now is very gruesome and shameful for Canada and I personally can only take it in in individual accounts, step by step, there needs to be steady growth in encouragement for more openess and sharing about it from those who have been victims directly and intergenerationally, as the way to learn from it all and begin to heal from that. It is urgent when you learn as I have through The First Nations Caring Society Of Canada, that today there are more First Nations children placed in Foster Care than ever there were within the Residential School system, and this is within a system which Canada's own Attorney General has been deeply critical of on account of the lack of culturally appropriate provisions or of even adequate-equal funding resources as compared with Canadians, which shows that unless this awareness is proacted upon seriously and learnt from, Canada will be proceeding to repeat the same mistakes  which will haunt future generations the more gravely.

A lot of research and other healing methodologies can go into this and it should come from all quarters...

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