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Interview with Second Mate of Free Gaza ship

Fiachra Ó Luain gives his account of the journey of Free Gaza flotilla ship Challenger I

by Brendan Stone

Free Gaza Logo
Free Gaza Logo

In this interview recorded live Wednesday, Challenger I Second Mate Fiachra Ó Luain gives his stunning account of the journey of Challenger I to Gaza and the inspiring struggle of captured aid activists to maintain solidarity in Israeli prison and in the face of public relations campaigns.

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46 words
bar baz


thank you that was a brillant

thank you that was a brillant and informative interview.
laura in Wexford Ireland

What a bozo

This imbecile doesn't know much about boarding procedures. If you run away from a military vessel preventing you from a blockade and resist boarding, they are going to agressively board you.


This is utter propaganda and nonsense. None of these people were seriously harmed in any way and he makes them out to having been "almost" killed. Name one.

International Law

The person who left the last comment obviously has no knowledge of international or maritime law.

Evading an illegal attack in international waters is not only legal, but kind of makes sense when you consider the fact that the blockade of Gaza is considered an war crime by International Red Cross and that the same commandos who attacked the vessels went on to rob all the personal belongings of everyone onboard.

The Israeli Navy had no jurisdiction and have lied about almost everything that happened that night so why should those on Challenger 1 waited like sitting ducks. Also, you forget, the commandos did kill people that night. Eight Turks (including a photographer) and one American teenager.

Why even bother defending the indefensible.

All Israel has to do is say sorry and think about how to make a sad song better.

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