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AW@L Radio - 2010-12-31 - Presents: Strengthening Our Resolve - The "contraband" WLU Tapes.

by AW@L Radio

This is the recording of "Strengthening our resolve after the G20: Movement building and ongoing resistance to the G20 agenda", which was a panel discussion which took place at the WLU faculty of social work on September 17th 2010.

After a similar discussion on the 17th of September at Ryerson University, one of the panelists and AW@L Radio co-host, Alex Hundert, was arrested for allegedly violating his bail conditions ( The police and the crown allege that speaking in a panel discussion constitutes a violation of his unjust "no protest" condition. Hundert was again released on bail under even more draconian bail conditions (including no expressing political opinion or talking to AW@L radio co-host @dankellar -, only to be re-arrested after a petty crown attorney alleged Alex's gaze could turn people into stone (or something along those lines -

Alex remain in jail and will until after his next court appearance on January 31st 2011

Date and time: September 15 from 6:30-8:30pm

Location: WLU Faculty of Social Work Auditorium (room 101), 120 Duke St West, Kitchener

Speakers include @AlexHundert, Humera Javed, Lindsay Bomberry, Ojistario, @HarshaWalia

This is a Pay What You Can event. All contributions go to the G20 Legal Defence Fund (

While 40,000 demonstrated and over 1000 were arrested in the streets of Toronto, so-called leaders met behind a security fence and 10,000 police to further their exploitation of people and the Earth. Hundreds face G20-related charges stemming from an unprecedented coordinated police operation, and political dissent remains criminalised as arrests of community organizers have occurred as recently as September.

Meanwhile, across the globe we see G20 austerity measures snatching away health, educational and social services, while the governments of G20 countries continue to bail out banks and corporations. Locally, we witness racist criminalization of migrants and refugees becoming more vicious, while colonization and destruction of Indigenous nations and their lands continues. Many of us daily experience the entrenchment of a racist, ableist, patriarchal, queer-phobic, profit-driven culture, while countless bodies bear the violence of an oppressive police state that enforces these norms.

Join us in this event with speakers and discussion about responses the G20 agenda, and making linkages across issues and ongoing struggles. With courage and with care, this event is about building solidarity and understanding, about creating real alternatives to this exploitative and destructive system, and to strengthen our resolve to continue resisting.

For more information, e-mail or call .

Sponsored by: WPIRG, LSPIRG, KW Community Centre for Social Justice


- Alex Hundert is a G20 defendant charged with “conspiracy” who was arrested in a violent pre-emptive house raid. He has been targeted as a “ringleader” for his role in Indigenous solidarity and anarchist networks including AW@L, SOAR and the Six Nations Solidarity Network.

- Humera Javed is the director for the Laurier Students' Public Interest Research Group (LSPIRG), which works to support initiatives and groups working for social justice on campus and in the community.

- Lindsay Bomberry of the Onondaga Eel Clan of Grand River Territory (Six Nations) in Ontario. She is an activist, artist, writer, performer, youth mentor and haudenosaune feminist!

-Ojistario, of the Tuscarora from the Haudenasaunee of Six Nations. She is co-founder of Young Onkwehonwe United (YOU - a rising youth group at Six Nations that has been campaigning for a Band Council funded youth centre and a stronger youth voice in their community), and she has also sat as the youth delegate on the Six Nations land claims negotiations team.

- Harsha Walia is an organizer with No One Is Illegal-Vancouver. She is involved in migrant justice, Indigenous solidarity, anti-imperialist, anti-poverty, feminist organizing. She has been active in the 2010 Olympics and G20 convergences.

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