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AW@L Radio - Hunger Strike for Better Treatment in Jail: Support David Cedeño

David Cedeño has been at the "penetang prison" for 18 months. In segregation since Sept 2012 after requesting treatment for a medical condition, David started a hunger strike on Jan 9.

by AW@L RadioDan KellarGrand River Media Collective

David Cedeño is a 29 Year old father who has been at the "penetang prison" for 18 months.  David suffers from sleep apnea and has requested treatment for this medical reality.  Instead of treating David's condition, or treating him with respect, the staff at the central north correctional centre (CNCC) have been holding David in segregation since september 2012. 

David Cedeño has been unable to gain a satisfactory response from the CNCC to his situation and is generally fed up with the treatment for all prisoners in jails in canada. On January 9th, David started a hunger strike which on the day of the interview was on day 17.

David was able to use his daily call to get in touch with the grand river media collective and he did a spoken word piece with acapella and an interview detailing his situation.  dan also reads David's demands, which are also copied below.

facebook page set up for David:

to write letter of Support to David the address is:

David Cedeño
c/o Central North Correctional Complex
1501 Fuller Ave
Penetanguishene, ON
L9M 2H4

David wants to emphasize that his hunger strike is not just about his personal experience of abuse in jail, but it is for all imprisoned people.

Here are his formal requests:

Systemic Provincial and Institutional Demands For All Imprisoned People
1. Proper staffing to decrease lockdown time and restore programming
2. Availability of calling cards for imprisoned people
3. Healthier food for superjails
4. Better access to books especial in segregation
5. More access to canteen, esp hygiene for imprisoned people in segregation
6. Avail of better footwear for all imprisoned people
7. Proper medical treatment for imprisoned people in need
8. Better grievance processes and better complaint resolution processes

Demands Specific For All People Imprisoned at the CNCC -
1. Return to 8:30pm lockup
3. Access to existing facilities including gym, library, art room
2. Better air filtration of cells and ranges
4. Remove ban on books in segregation
5. Removal metal window blockers for segregation cells
6. Access to educational program materials for people imprisoned in

Personal Demands -
1. Appeals for the misconducts received Nov 8th, Dec 2nd, Jan 9th
2. Consideration for time spent in the hole i.e. 2 for 1
3. Transferred to OCI or at least out of the CNCC
4. Proper medical treatment, i.e. follow up appts w sleep apnea specialists
5. Opportunity to have access to educational programming
6. Resolution to specific complaints filed against guards



demand proper treatment for all prisoners!

phone number for CNCC: Tel: 705-549-9470 

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