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Labour Councils Occupy Select Conservative MP Offices in Ontario

Group Demands Accountability Over Threats to Old Age Security and Pensions

by Zach Ruiter

Labour Occupation at Bal Gosal's Brampton Office
Labour Occupation at Bal Gosal's Brampton Office

(Audio interview begins aprox four seconds after you click play)

Toronto Media Co-op spoke with James McDowell, Second Vice-President of the Brampton Mississauga Labour Council over the phone as McDowell and ten others are occupying Conservative MP Bal Gosal's office 8500 Torbran Road, Unit 44, Brampton.  According to McDowell "this is happening across the province; I am aware of at least 20 offices being occupied around the province."

The Ontario Federation of Labour press release states: "At 1:00 pm today, outraged pensioners, soon-to-be pensioners and supporters have resorted to constituency office occupations to demand that Conservative Members of Parliament abandon plans to push back the OAS eligibility age from 65 to 67, or make any reductions to benefits. Instead, they are calling for the Harper government to introduce modest increases to Canada Pension Plan (CPP) contributions that would double benefits for all retirees and seniors."

According to McDowell, "if they continue the attacks to the working people of this country in the next four years they are going to be taken to task on it."

When asked what their plans are, McDowell replied "this office is publically funded, so we will be here until we get some kind of proper attention to this problem." When asked if they will leave the building once it closes for the evening, McDowell said that the occupiers will "have to make that decision when it happens."

The Ontario Federation of Labour has provided contact list for occupations that are currently taking place at the following Conservative MP constituency offices:






Hon. Jim Flaherty

701 Rossland Road East, Unit 204, Whitby

Jim Freeman


Hon Bal Gosal

8500 Torbram Road, Unit 44, Brampton

James McDowell


Kyle Seeback

160 Main Street South, Unit 29, Brampton



Phil McColeman

3-108 St. George Street, Brantford

Gary MacDonald


Hon. Gary Goodyear

1425 Bishop St North Unit 3, Cambridge

Mike Devine


Guy Lauzon

621 Pitt Street, Cornwall

Elaine MacDonald


Hon. Michael Chong

5-200 St. Patrick Street E, Fergus

Janice Folk-Dawson


Peter Braid

22 King St. South, Waterloo

Sandi Ellis


Harold Albrecht

153 Country Hill Dr, Unit 2A, Kitchener

Len Carter


Stephen Woodworth

12-300 Victoria Street North, Kitchener

Orville Thacker


Barry Devolin

68 McLaughlin Rd Unit 1, Lindsay

James Mulhern


Susan Truppe

546 King Street, Main Office, London

Len Elliott


Ed Holder

200-390 Commissioners Rd West, London

Jim Kennedy


Hon. Rob Nicholson

2895 St. Paul Ave, Unit 11, Niagara Falls

Heather Kelley






Jay Aspin

100-133 Main Street West, North Bay

Henri Giroux


David Tilson

229 Broadway, Unit 2, Orangeville

Primrose Short


Dean Del Mastro

1875 Lansdowne St W, Peterborough

Doug McDonald


Gary Schellenberger

544 Huron Street, Stratford

Dave Jasper


No Tory MP in Thunder Bay

Service Canada, 975 Alloy Drive, Thunder Bay

Melanie Kelso


Jeff Watson

186 Talbot Street South, Essex

Dino Chiodo


Check back to Toronto Media Co-op for more updates and interviews as they become available.  If you have photos or video of any of the events you can upload them by creating a Media Co-op account for free or I can post them for you if you e-mail

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