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Statement from the Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance in Defence of our Comrades

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July 1st 2010,

This last week has been witness to some of the most powerful protests that Toronto has ever seen. We saw rallies for the environment, queer liberation, disAbility rights, indigenous sovereignty, economic and migrant justice, community power, and more. The state responded to these actions as its internal logic dictated it must. When people reached out for more control over their lives, the marginalizing state struck back with vicious force. As an institution established by violence, perpetuated by violence, and sustained by violence, its response could only be violent. Martial law descended on our city. The cops arrested anyone and everyone they chose to. The riot squad punched pacifists and stampeded demonstrators. They detained 1100 people. Our friends were locked in cages, denied food, water and toilet paper, humiliated and degraded. The officers stood by, abused and taunted, and said they were just doing their job, as do the Eichmanns of every generation.

They have targeted twenty of us, long-term community organizers, as the so-called “ring leaders” of the protests that they hope to scapegoat. Even this act shows how little they understand us. We have no leaders. These twenty are our teachers, friends, and mentors. And although they are invaluable to our lives, they are not “SOAR”. Nor are we. This anarchist network, like others, is not primarily composed of individuals, but of ideas. It is the ideas that bind us – of the injustice of capitalism and colonialism, and the belief that a new world based on self-determination, freedom, and mutual aid is possible. That is why they can spend a billion dollars on the biggest jails, and the fascist police force, but they can never stamp out our movement. They cannot erase us, because our ideas cannot be destroyed and because we revolutionaries are the inevitable outgrowth of a society that is fundamentally broken. Out of the putrid manure of capitalism, flowers of resistance inevitably bloom.

They will try with all their might to break us. But we cannot be broken. Our comrades stay strong in prison and we will not be disheartened. As long as a single one of us remains free under the sky, our voices and our songs and our fists will be raised in defiance.

We are not the first anarchists to be targeted by the state. We remember Haymarket. We remember Sacco and Vanzetti. We recognize the continued attacks on all anti-authoritarians, particularly our indigenous brothers and sisters who face the colonial monster every single day. Yet at the same time we recognize that they attack us because they fear us. They have to imprison us because we are building freedom in our communities. They have to slander us because they know we speak the truth. And so despite the rhetoric of the politicians and the apologetics of the academics, the brutal police response to the protests makes one thing crystal clear: we are winning. Every day our movement grows. Every day people are awakening to the brutal structural violence upon which liberal democracy rests. Every day people are coming to reject the deadening tyranny of hierarchy that rules their lives. Every day people are coming to recognize the fences and the borders that imprison us all, and their voices are joining ours in saying NO MORE!

Our comrades have been targeted for obvious political reasons and are being held on bullshit charges. The “justice” system integral to state power is fundamentally illegitimate and we will not leave our brothers and sisters to fight it alone. And so we will struggle and organize until they are free. We are calling on anarchists and anti-authoritarians everywhere to support us.

We will support our friends and comrades to our last breath, and show the world that our solidarity is stronger than their terror.

Free them now! No one is free until every person is free!

All the power to the people!


The Southern Ontario Anarchist Resistance


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friendly neighbourhood anarchist, rad dad, land defence enthusiast, decolonial digger, radio pirate, indy journalist, systems geographer.

666 words


was SOAR infiltrated?

Rumours are flying. Will SOAR put out a statement on the alleged infilitration of police in SOAR? If the rumours are true to what extent where you infiltrated? Where the police agents in decsion making positions? SOAR just appeared on the map prior to the G20. Many seasoned activists had never heard of it before and were suspicious. Following the arrests there were rumours that a few SOAR people were cops who taped conversations with other SOAR members. Please comment.   

Thank you -- hope for the

Thank you -- hope for the future!

Unanswered question.

 You failed to mention whether your movement/members were the ones who organized the destruction/vandalism downtown. I remember seeing a story on CBC of a certain individual from that g8/g20 song saying that he thinks property damage is okay. If that is really what certain people believe, why hide your faces? You forgot to mention that the vandals, for the most part, left the peaceful protesters to take the beating. If you organized this than I don't understand what message you were trying to convey. You popularized the media, made a lot of people watching cheer for the police to fight back (although most changed their minds after seeing the violent police response), you attacked corporations that can replace all that you damaged without even putting a dent in their funds, and you justified the billion dollar security budget. Oh and the Ontario government had to pay for many of these shops to be repaired, the ones that were local businesses. There are much better things the provincial government should be spending money on, but we can't just leave these private business owners out in the cold.

Most people I have spoken with think these vandals deserve punishment/jail time, as do certain violent officers. Their were mistakes made on both sides. There are good cops and bad cops, just like their are good activists and bad activists. The fact that faces were hidden PROVES they knew it was wrong.

I will continue to speak out for the real victims, those who did nothing but were arrested, but unless your group can prove they did not provoke this than you will get no respect or sympathy from me. 

There are no Good Cops!

All cops are bad.




Wrong and Illegal are not the same thing

Just for the record, the balaclavas and bandanas proves that they knew it was illegal, not that they knew it was wrong.

Lots of things are illegal that aren't wrong. Lots of things are wrong that aren't illegal. It is very important not to confuse the two, as to do so can be very disempowering.


 I actually explained  why I believe it was wrong it that post as well.

A- Changed out of black clothes and either scattered or fled, leaving peaceful protesters to suffer. Many are questioning whether your movement did so just to try and get others to dislike the police and government.

B- It popularized the media, more people were tuning in to their tv sets. I know I was for about 3 days. CP24 had the highest amount of viewers they've had.

C- You made a lot of people cry out for action AGAINST your group because you attacked PEOPLE as well, not just property. There are many accounts of this recorded.

D- You destroyed private business owners property. The federal government would not fund this so the province had to pay it. The provincial government doesn't need to drain more funds, especially since it was the federal governments issue.

E- You attacked chain stores where repairing the store doesn't even put a dent in their wallets.

F- You justified the security budget. They might even spend MORE next time. If the protests went peacefully they would have been questioned about the budget. They might then spend less in the future.

Most people would agree with me that what your group did was WRONG. The majority of our society wants your group punished. 

I don't understand why you do not move out of the cities and go somewhere where you can live the way you desire...without government, rules, laws, corporations (which are popular because the most amount of people buy their products), colonization, etc. If this is truly what you want and obviously not what most others want, this should make sense. You can't force other people who don't agree with you to abide by your rules and follow your beliefs.

blah blah blah

toronto anonymous- if you think the militant actions justified the security budget you're just as delusional as the mainstream media. and if you're calling for militants to be arrested, you're just the same as the state. with friends like these.....

who the fuck needs cointelpro

i have reports from medics and legal observers taht maybe a dozen from the black bloc changed in queens park.  that is maybe two or three affinity groups who made a poor decision.

if you want to blame these kids for you getting your ass kicked, then i agree with the above poster... you are delusional.  in no way does following 12 people into the "peaceful protest" justify the kinds of abuses that the police undertook.  they are tryring to silence future dissent by attacking those who have shown their willingness to stand up in the streets.  these actions need to radicalize folks as the situation is not getting better. 

last time they attacked me and you did not speak out, this time they attack you, and you justify it, what happens next time?

the fact that the media ignored 5 days of action before the saturday (other than when radical organizers were involved), then 25000 at a marches, demos, actions, and rallies on saturday and sunday is not the fault of the black bloc. 

i would respond to this more, but a good number of my friends are still in jail. resistance to us is not something we do for a few days a year.

Whatever the excuse, you still lost.

 Read this article and the responses, thank god most individuals agree with me and not you guys/the vandals.

Grow up, you're like 14 year old punks who run around destroying shit because they hate their parents. Most individuals get past that and realize your nonsense destroys your movement.

You are FEW, very few, even fewer now. We are many. Keep continuing on as you have and you will continue to lose support. =)

The actions that Torontonians

The actions that Torontonians saw during the G20 on behalf of your group are the ultimate demonstration of your hypocracy. The same cowardly "anarchists" who hide behind masks, websites, and each other make you all look like a joke. You have no purpose, no point and no message. Canada is the best country in the world, and provides the greatest protection of civil liberties to its citizens, which by the way your whiny comrades are the first to demand. Your sense of entitlement is perhaps the strongest demonstration of you hypocracy. The same state that you attack is the one you cling to for security, health and protection. If you truly believe in your cause take it to a proper forum. There are people all over the world who wish nothing more than to be able to live their lives in Canada. Toronto saw anarchists in Gap t-shirts, nike sneakers, with OHIP & bank cards in their wallets upon arrest - living day to day off of the very institutions and government organizations that you claim are corrupt. Your demonstration highlighted the ignorance and futility of your organization. Your violence hindered the legitimate protest voices that seriously needed this platform, the eyes of the world were shifted away from well planned, clear communications by protest groups who are welcome and necessary in our democracy. You have undermined the very causes that you seek to advance.

Well said.

Well said.

Support S.O.A.R. its endeavor to push the Anarchist reform so that one day our country can shine among the legends of anti-corporate non democratic countries like;  Libya, Angola, Sierra Leone,  Ethiopia, Burundi, Congo, and Somalia....May we strive to develop the same individual freedoms as these countries so abundantly enjoy. 


 I think the infiltration by police needs to be addressed

This is being addressed and

This is being addressed and if you know anyone who suffered and has not put forth a complaint I can give you the proper information to do so. Post videos and pictures because we can only seek out specific officers who acted unjustly if we have proof of some sort.

This doesn't change the fact that these anarchists vandals proved nothing but exactly the opposite of what they were trying to. We need cops if these people seriously can't control themselves as adults and learn some decency and respect. Not only that but they ruined the G20 protests for everyone else and a LOT of people were hurt in the process. 


"They have targeted twenty of us, long-term community organizers, as the so-called “ring leaders” of the protests that they hope to scapegoat. Even this act shows how little they understand us. We have no leaders. These twenty are our teachers, friends, and mentors."

Theory and practice are often two different things. Dan, I think you need to face the reality here. The police, whether right or wrong, managed to turn inactive most of the "leadership" of SOAR and AW@L. Even though most (all?) got bail the restrictions around attending protests and contact with activists mean they can't participate in the organizations. The reality is if you want SOAR & AW@L to survive and stay vibrant you and a few other key people need to replace that leadership void. I also think you under estimate how important Alex Hundert and others were in recruiting members into the organization and radicallizing them


"They have targeted twenty of us, long-term community organizers, as the so-called “ring leaders” of the protests that they hope to scapegoat. Even this act shows how little they understand us. We have no leaders."

Theory and practice are often two different things. Dan, I think you need to face the reality here. The police, whether right or wrong, managed to turn inactive most of the "leadership" of SOAR and AW@L. Even though most (all?) got bail the restrictions around attending protests and contact with activists mean they can't participate in the organizations. The reality is if you want SOAR & AW@L to survive and stay vibrant you and a few other key Administrationpeople need to replace that leadership void.


To the people behind the SOAR statement at the top of the blog, do you realize how stupid you sound? Individuals like yourself go around spewing big words trying to sound smart when in reality you come across as a confused, angry and delusional. Go hug a tree and stop messing around with everyones life.


"FUCK THE POLICE!" Yeah, and


Yeah, and Sting's solo career sucks too! Who the fuck plays a lute!?

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