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Eviction in Progress at Occupy Toronto

Story was updated live from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM Wednesday November 27th

by Toronto Media Co-op members

Riot buses pull up to Occupy Toronto (photo: Rebecca GL)
Riot buses pull up to Occupy Toronto (photo: Rebecca GL)
Cops are blocking off every intersection and are towing all cars parked in the area.
Cops are blocking off every intersection and are towing all cars parked in the area.
Rebecca Granovsky-Larsen and several others are onsite reporting for the Media Co-op, sending these photos.
Rebecca Granovsky-Larsen and several others are onsite reporting for the Media Co-op, sending these photos.

*This page was updated live  from 6:30 AM to 7:30 PM November 23rd. Please check back to Toronto Media Co-op as stories, videos and photo essays of todays events will be posted shortly.

An eviction is in progress at Occupy Toronto. Reporters from Toronto Media Co-op are on the scene. Follow @meganysta on twitter for confirmed updates from Media Co-op reporters. 

You can also follow the Occupy Media Tent livestream

7:00 City Wide call out for General Assembly at City Hall, not St. James Park. Live coverage of eviction will end shortly.

4:22 Blockade of court van has dispersed, with one arrest of someone refusing to do so. The yurt arrestees are being released without a criminal charge. One person is still occupying a tree in St. James Park.

4:13 The police have agreed to release those in the van with only a ticket; two priests and two friends of those arrested are verifying this, then the blockade of the court van will disperse.

3:53 After books were removed from library yurt, three men refused to leave, including one who had chained himself to the yurt. They were arrested, but there are now about two dozen people blocking the court van they have been detained in.

2:56 Negotations have concluded. Occupiers are dismantling the gazebo barricades.

2:24 After negotiations, the library yurt and the books in it have been saved. The police and the city will give time for demonstrators and union workers to dismantle it. Negotations with the barricaded gazebo now underway. The rest of camp has been dismantled and/or destroyed. There were a handful of arrests throughout the raid; reports indicate that most of them were simply charged with trespass and released.

1:26 They've cleared out the native tent over by the church, they are porbably going to work on the gazebo next which has been fortified. They will probably go for the library next. We are working on getting books out of the library; we are probably going to get footage of those. Surrounding the Gazebo.

1:00 Arrests happening now according to all sources.   

9:12 it is reported that there is one supervisor for every three CUPE workers taking down camp. This fact is an attempt to explain the atmosphere of intimidation forcing unionized workers to work against a movement that has their interests (among others) in mind.

9:04 "This is the most polite and orderly enforcement of fascism" says someone from livestream. Within a minute, it is reported that vans filled with cops in riot gear have arrived. 

8:19 Official update from faciliators with 'librarians' Occupying the Library Yurt: "We’ve connected with the police regarding the yurt.  We feel that the facilitation process is going very well.  The people inside the yurt remain unmoved. It appears they are having a meeting about this."

8:06 Workers from CUPE 416 are helping to take down tents. Occupiers are trying to talk to them:  " Why are you acting like the police? You don’t need to do this work. You are my fellow CUPE members. Stand with other workers now". Another occupier says "They’ve already privatized the east end garbage collection; why would you do this? Don’t you have any shame?" another one chimes in: "CUPE workers please don’t do this. When did you guys become cops? are you guys cops?" The CUPE workers remain silent. Other (less vocal) occupiers disagree with chiding the workers, tell them to stop. The livestream operator says "We love you CUPE 416. We're sorry Ford is making you do this." The CUPE workers remain silent.

7:46 Mini-GA about dismantling Yurts. Occupiers have one hour to dismantle the media/medic yurt. OPSEU to help. Talk of using Yurts to re-occupy.

7:40 Garbage trucks on site doing 'cleanup', some private contracters and some with CUPE 416. Solidarity?

7:15 from Media Co-op reporter: dawn at st. james park. Tents being dismantled. Police on best behavior right now.

6:59 (approx) Live-stream Interview With People Chained to Yurt (6:59 approx)

Livestream: “How are you guys feeling?

‘Librarians” : “Amazing. Can I get you a book”

Livestream: “You guys are the best librarians ever. What books do you have?”

‘Librarians’: “We’ve got Brave New World, Fahrenheit 9/11, 1984


6:52 The cops are moving into the park now; they have formed a line and are moving up. Simultaneously the porto-potties have been removed from the north end of the park; 'they’ve’ made their escape'.  The cops have asked people over the LRAD to walk out the NW corner of the park

6:41 via CP24 feed There are two people outside who are faciliating contact with the people locked down in the yurt. At least two people have chained themselves to the library yurt.

6:39 They have an LRAD (aka Sound Cannon)

6:38 Watching CP24 it looks like the cops have some kind of canister

6:31 from Rebecca: "Everywhere I look I see cop cars"

6:16 from Justin: "Police are here, not riot police although they are gearing up. Multiple command vehicles on the east side along jarvis and they've blocked off every intersection around the park. Plainclothes on the north-east corner that are infiltrating the park. And several police vehicles towing vehicles along the road...Wait.. Two huge police buses just pulled up with tactical officers. It's full on'


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