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Socialism now.

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This is war
This is war
We need so much
We need so much

Socialism now


It's hard to imagine what socialism would look like. I don't know if I ever thought to really imagine it.  If I could have really imagined it.


We've been living this for a week, a few days of big mobilization, all our needs met or worked on. Committees formed to deal with events as they arise, or projects of infrastructure. Projects, personal, small group, and communal. Motivation.  This is socialism. 


There wouldn't necessarily be the police violence or jail support, but some other immediate project, collaboration, comm system, alt media, celebration. A sense of urgency. Is that what people are afraid of? What capital would avoid?


Are there immediate needs that were not met? We were not able to meet? Awesome food was there. A budget for everything, a budget for emergency. Skills. Love. Doctors. Massage. Music.  The socialist project started in a context of basic needs and infrastructure building.  What's stopping us now?  What's the context?


Resources have different meaning, stuff is just stuff. I have money in my pocket; it's only good for the things my group needs; my group is a flexible idea. I have more money in reserve; how much is not important as it's just the money in reserve. There are others with reserves. My little is a mute point. Desire's melt away when needs are met, and needed things are readily available in site or trusted to be there.


Socialism is a project. With people, needs, love and celebration at the heart. Imagine it.


What more would we need? What was missing, what do we have to work on? An honest question. Really, haters just stay away. We've been beaten down by the state, don't jump on board just to make people feel wrong. Well done peeps. I'm proud of you. Proud of us.


A participant (we ate the G8).


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