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June 24, 2010

What should be covered during the G20?

Toronto News

Got ideas of stories or events that need to be covered during the G20? Want to discuss the way things have been covered or how the coverage could be better? Post your comments and suggestions here.


looking to do interviews

I produce a weekly alternative news radio show out of McMaster University every Tuesday at noon.

The show is called "the Other Side - of the News"

All shows are pre-recorded and edited.

I am looking for Group leaders, or members of the press that were arrested.

The production room is preferred, but I can do a phone interview if it is the only way to reach people.

I do suffer from MS so I have trouble with some names and words.

So I never do a live show.

Contact me via e-mail


Maggie Hughes

Producer/Host for streamed audio during air time.

There are rumours that TMC is

There are rumours that TMC is deliberately removing pro-anarchist messages/stories and that TMC is keeping up unsubstantiated anti-anarchist messages/stories. This is unacceptable. 

You're right

Unsubstantiated rumours that are untrue are definitely unacceptable. If you have an example of something that was deleted that wasn't an anonymous post calling someone a cop, then please send it along. We won't delete it.

security strategy

Draw a timeline of arrests, who the arrestees were and why they were arrested.

Find out the rationale behind each of the moments of police activity, especially some of the more ridiculous moments caught on camera & video.

Pick apart the security strategy, piece by piece. I want specifics. I want to know exactly why people were arrested in their sleep, and why people were randomly arrested in the park. And I want to hear it from the people in charge of the arrests.

agent provocateurs

The small gang of 30 or so bandana-faced young men standing on Queen Street near the corner of Spadina as our peaceful march passed by could easily have been herded off by police, thus preventing most of the mayhem.  But instead they were left to their own devices. 

I have no doubt that among them were police agent provocateurs who incited the extreme property damage which followed.

The rampage on Queen Street was allowed to go unchecked  - Abandoned police cars allowed to be torched.  Shop windows allowed to be broken.  All while masses of police converged on a peaceful crowd up at Queen’s Park. 

This had to be by design.  Harper successfully diverted the world’s attention from the serious issues being protested peacefully.  All the media instantly focussed on the violence so freely allowed to go on. 

The general public was put at risk.

It was a PR coup for Harper and the small group of plutocrats dining in splendour. 

People of the media- Please - Focus on the serious issues which drew tens of thousands of people to march together - poverty, homelessness, hunger, deaths due to botched back-street abortions, illness, the military-industrial complex, a dying planet. 

Don't let  Harper and the brainwashed police continue to criminalize dissent!

We in Toronto are too rooted

We in Toronto are too rooted in peace to succumb to the theatrics and drama of police and military...we are too peaceful to be hooked into this conflict, we know too well our power is in our hands as it always has been, and that we together can deflate these puppetry of the one world order. My headline of the G20, its pretty hard for them to fight a crowd of people only armed with cameras....Way to go folks, we know that our true power for transmuting our world from one of suffering to one of prosperity and peace is in the way we live each moment, and playing into the drama of hierarchy and fear only further entrenches the hopelessness.....Let us awaken to our power here and now....Peace brothers & sisters. I love you Toronto.

cover the groundwork organizing

 especially things like childcare provision which certainly went un-reported on here during the Vancouver Olympics.

I suggest it is very 

I suggest it is very  important to cover the event "Get off the fence" , starting today at 1 pm, Queen’s Park. See :

CETA and Media Deficit in Mainstream Coverage

CETA Coverage

Please cover the Canada-European Union: Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA) Negotiations, and the fact they are undercutting our right to self-govern, and allocate funds for our municipal services. Harper is working on this agreement during the G8/g20, and has been for over a year- it far more reaching than NAFTA, and it is being written secretly.

Mainstream Media Deficit

Also, I have been horrified and astounded by the mainstream media coverage. I was listening to 680AM News, and they were extolling the virtues of the police during the rally on Friday, when I know that there was police provocation of the protesters during the No One is Illegal rally. Not once have I seen adequate, or fair coverage of issues brought forth by the protesters- in fact, I have not seen or heard any fair coverage at all in the mainstream media.

Thanks for your consideration.

New regulation secures downtown Toronto like nuclear power plant

They just changed downtown Toronto to the same status as a nuclear power plant.  No one is allowed within 5m of the fence.

'A guard or peace officer,
(a) may require any person entering or attempting to enter any public work or any approach thereto to furnish his or her name and address, to identify himself or herself and to state the purpose for which he or she desires to enter the public work, in writing or otherwise;

(b) may search, without warrant, any person entering or attempting to enter a public work or a vehicle in the charge or under the control of any such person or which has recently been or is suspected of having been in the charge or under the control of any such person or in which any such person is a passenger; and

(c) may refuse permission to any person to enter a public work and use such force as is necessary to prevent any such person from so entering. R.S.O. 1990, c. P.55, s. 3.'

Fascinating that it took a sharp arrestee and his lawyer to even discover this surprise change to the regulations.

This is a drastic change, not the kind of power a civil servant is supposed to administer in regulations, which typically lay out guidelines for enforcing laws, such as the exact decibel level permitted for residential air conditioning units.

It's not just public relations or smearing people who hold opposing views as terrorist, this is actually drastically changing the legal powers of the police, suddenly and secretly.

Would someone please get on record high level representatives from each party?  And constitutional experts, as well as the civil servant who secretly enacted it.  This is bigger than Chretien's 'pepper, I put it on my plate', it's more like 'Just watch me', when Trudeau declared martial law. 

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