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2010 People's Summit

Call for program proposals

Invitation for Program Proposals

Proposals are invited for the program of The 2010 People’s Summit taking place in Toronto on June 18, 19 and 20, 2010. The Summit will create a space for community organizers, activists, non-governmental organizations, independent media, workers, artists – the people – to mobilize for global justice in advance of the G8/G20 Summits, happening June 25, 26 and 27 in Huntsville and Toronto.

Below are some broad categories we are organizing around. Proposals beyond these topics are also welcome:

Global Justice – Connecting local and global struggles; creating and/or protecting the commons; transformative justice and the search for harmony…

Local Struggles and Holding Canada Accountable – Canadian mining and extractive industries; homelessness and poverty; Harper’s neo-liberal agenda; Indigenous struggles for autonomy and justice; democracy and government accountability…

The Environment and Climate Change – The climate change crisis; the obligation of industrial countries to support climate solutions in the poorest and most vulnerable countries; sustainability; environmental justice; climate justice; just transitions; localism; food sovereignty…

Economic Justice – Challenging neo-liberal capitalism; no-growth economy; local and alternative economic systems; root causes of poverty…

Human Rights – Peace and civil liberties; anti-oppression; sovereignty; global Indigenous struggles; migrant justice; police brutality; war and occupation; equity; gender; labour rights…

Building the Movement – Self-care for activists; solidarity across movements; skills for activists; spirituality and social change; alliance building...

Guidelines for Program Proposals

• Proposals may include lectures, workshops, skills training, films, interactive artistic spaces, etc...

In order to create a diverse and engaging program, we encourage you to consider:

• making your workshop accessible to many ages, learning styles and levels of education

• using interactive formats and popular education tools

• diversity in age, culture, and experience of presenters

• including action-based, solution-oriented, and/or skill building components

• integrating arts and culture into your presentation

• creating spaces that are accessible to those with disAbilities

• creating web-based content

Submission Procedure:

Submissions should include:

(1) topic title and description

(2) contact person (tel & email)

(3) sponsoring organization (if any)

(4) name of speaker/participants/facilitator (include short biographical info)

(5) technical and space requirements (if any)

The People's Summit would like to encourage collaboration and alliances. If you are open to collaboration, or interested in being connected with others working on similar issues, please indicate as much in your proposal.

The People's Summit will strive to support the creation of diverse and accessible workshop spaces. If you need help or suggestions about how to make your workshop more accessible, please ask. We welcome submissions in languages other than English.

Initial deadline for submissions: April 1st, 2010

Please submit proposals to:

Programming Committee, c/o Marya Folinsbee


Tel: 905.218.5131

We would prefer to receive submissions by email, but you can also mail submissions to 2010 People's Summit, c/o Council of Canadians, 210-116 Spadina Ave., Toronto, ON M5V 2K6.

Review Process The People's Summit seeks to represent a diversity of approaches, subjects, perspectives, experiences, and demographics. The Programming Committee of the 2010 People's Summit will review all proposals and correspond with the listed contact person. We will notify you of the status of your workshop no later than May 30th, 2010.

We will prioritize proposals which are:

• In line with the Basic Principles of the 2010 People's Summit: (

• Reflective of the diverse communities in and around Toronto and Canada

• Representative of the struggles of the Global South

• Interactive, engaging and accessible

• Connected to People's Summit issues and the G8/G20 agenda

• Action- and solution-oriented

Please note, the People’s Summit cannot cover travel or lodging expenses.

Who are we?

The People’s Summit is being coordinated by a committee made up of members of non governmental and civil society organizations, as well as non-affiliated peoples. Currently, membership consists of representatives from Canadian Labour Congress, Council of Canadians, Oxfam Canada, Canadian Federation of Students, Ontario Council for International Cooperation, and the Toronto Community Mobilization Network. We encourage a diversity of voices to contribute to the vision of the People’s Summit, and welcome your ideas and participation. Contact us at to get involved!


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