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Justice denied to young woman

Justice denied to young woman

                On Monday April 4th the sentencing hearing for Nicole “Nyki” Kish will take place at the Ontario Superior Court on University Avenue in Toronto.  A group of friends and supporters will assemble outside after the hearing to shed light on the injustice that has occurred in this case.  On March 11th 2011 Nyki was convicted of 2nd degree murder, despite the abscence of conclusive evidence.  There was no conclusive DNA evidence on Nyki, nor positive identification.  In fact surveillance videos from nearby businesses were lost by the police.

                Detective Giroux has provided the media with an acceptable yet inconsistent story of what happened based on eye-witness testimony.  Surveillance video would have been more conclusive but the tapes were lost while in the possession of the police.  The owner of one of the stores that provided the videos testified that the altercation on his video was between three men.  Furthermore the eyewitness testimonies failed to positively identify Nyki, or claim that she was holding a knife during the incident.

                The DNA evidence on Nyki consisted of one small spot of the victims blood while other people involved in the incident had more numerous and larger spots on their clothing.  The doctor who performed the autopsy on the victim was unable to rule out the possibility of a second knife used in the stabbing because the wounds on the victim’s back and chest did not match.  This evidence leads to the possibility of a man and another knife playing a significant role in the attacks on the victim, but this possibility has never been fully investigated.

                Today we are here to demand justice from the government of Canada.  We maintain that Nyki, like any Canadian citizen should be innocent until proven guilty, and the guilt of Nicole Kish has not been proven beyond a reasonable doubt.  We are asking the media to play the role of public watchdog and allow the voices of Nyki and her friends and supporters to be heard.  We will not stand idly by as the Canadian justice system takes our friends and family away on little more than speculation.   We want to inform people of this injustice that has taken away the future of a beautiful young woman who did nothing wrong.

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  This is something


This is something I’ve been following for sometime now and the whole situation surrounding Nicole Kish is utterly appalling. Her prosecution and subsequent conviction epitomizes classism, sexism, media incompetence (if you can call it that) and judicial corruption at every level. However, I must say that the rapidly increasing support behind her, not only demonstrates her character, but as well that people are becoming fed up with the abuse after abuse from the Toronto Police and their continual assaults against women and the poor. With love and solidarity.


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