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Urgent update from Occupy Toronto- Defend the occupation today!

by Toronto Media Co-op

The Following document was released by OCAP at 2:30 today:


OCAP urges people to go down to St. James Park to defend against the
eviction- latest communiques from the park suggest the attempt to evict
could happen any time soon...

OCCUPY TORONTO IS BEING EVICTED. Mayor Rob Ford has angrily taken to
television, even gritting his teeth, to say he wants protesters "gone
City Manager says by midnight force will be used, but mayor is pressing for
even faster.

PLEASE CONTACT: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford (416) 397-FORD (3673) or Email: OR CALL Police Inspector Howie Page at (416)

Update: Rumours that police want to hit us during the day. Rally at St
James park to defend the occupation at 5:00pm! Come down sooner if you're

Remember that our goal is to be non-violent! But we're not going without a
fight. What that means is that we need to pack the park with people so
it becomes really hard to evict us!


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It is a sad day when even local municipal governments bow to the will and demands of the banks and businesses of the area. It is unfortunate that they to are the 99%. They don't seem to understand that the movement is also to protect their interest as well. What will it take for the rest of the people to wake up and truly see what is about to happen to all people of the world. Soon there will be no freedoms given to anyone. Local governments will be abolished police will the few that will be left and of those left to control will be sociopathic, psychotic people with no empathy or compassion. It is unfortunate that so many people are caught up in the illusion that money is power and that you can have all that you want by hard work (slavery) that they forget who they are really working for. It is hard to get all peoples on board with a movement like this when their world seems so perfect. They just need to understand that as for many of us they are like most one paycheck away from being homeless. So they really cant afford to take time off work because of  That fear. and they know it. Fear is a powerful psychological weapon that is effective on both the elite and the poor. The elite fear becoming one of us and the poor fear becoming less then they already are. However, knowledge is wisdom, and wisdom is power. Always remember that police do not understand peaceful protest, for the word protest incites them to none compliance and none compliance to them means your breaking the law because you wont comply to the rules of what society believes to be responsible citizenship. Its do as your told and go with the flow don't rock the boat for it might sink It has taken the banks and corporations 60 years to get society brainwashed into this way of thinking but only one revolution to change their minds. Keep going circumvent the laws as the governments and corporations do to us daily. Find more ways to earn the trust of the 99% who don't realize they are the 99%. NEVER GIVE UP THIS IS TO BIG TO STOP NOW


Have you considered building

Have you considered building a fort to keep the police out? Because that would be awesome!

isnt that agaisnt our

isnt that agaisnt our constitutionary rigghts????????

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