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Labour Fightback Launch

For a militant workers' movement!

- 9:00pm
Mardi Mai 1 2018

Venue: Ryerson Student Centre, Margaret Lawrence Room
Address: 55 Gould Street
Cost: free
Accessibility: The space is wheelchair accessible via an elevator

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Workers' livelihoods are under attack! At the same time that wages have been stagnant for decades, costs of living soar. Public services are cut or privatized, and trade unions are stripped of their basic democratic rights. Workers go back to school and/or take on loans to try to improve their situation, but find no jobs and get buried in a mountain of debt in the process. Meanwhile, the rich get corporate bailouts, tax breaks, and CEO compensation goes through the roof. This is capitalism!

Many workers are increasingly fed up with this situation. But how to fight back? Trade unions are the basic organizations that the working class uses to fight to improve its conditions, but the current leaders of the labour movement appear to be more concerned with fighting amongst each other than with fighting against the bosses and organizing unorganized workers.

Labour Fightback is made up of workers, union and non-union, who have united to fight against the attacks of the bosses and the injustice of the capitalist system. We believe in workers’ democracy, radical solidarity, and a socialist society where workers run production. Our goal is nothing less than to transform the workers’ movement from top to bottom - to mold it into the united, democratic and combative instrument it needs to be if it is to successfully fight for a society free of exploitation and oppression that can provide for all. 

Join us for the public launch of the Labour Fightback banner on May 1st, International Workers’ Day, to learn more about what we stand for and how you can get involved. 

Date: Tuesday, May 1st 2018
Time: 7-9 PM
Location: Ryerson Student Centre @ 55 Gould Street in the Margaret Lawrence room 

For more information email us at or contact Jessica @ 647-378-1385

Organizer:contact Jessica at 647-378-1385

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