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Davyn Calfchild alleges assault by police in retaliation for protest

by Darryl Richardson & Zach Ruiter

Davyn outside St. Joseph`s hospital (screenshot from video by Darryl Richardson and Zach Ruiter)
Davyn outside St. Joseph`s hospital (screenshot from video by Darryl Richardson and Zach Ruiter)

Decolonize North America activist Davyn Calfchild was riding his bike in Toronto yesterday when, according to Calfchild, he was stopped by Toronto Police Constable Haroon, who cited the lack of a bell on Calfchild's bicycle as the reason for the stop.

Calfchild says the officer proceeded to threaten him, warning him against coming around "our house" (meaning 14 Divison, which was the site of a protest for Sammy Yatim which Calfchild attended, and is where Haroon is stationed). According to Calfchild, Constable Haroon threatened violence against Calfchild's family - his wife and infant son - if he were to protest again outside of 14 Division. Calfchild was not arrested or charged with a criminal offense, but was apparently cuffed by Officer Haroon, as evidenced by marks on his wrists.

Calfchild says that during the stop, he was a victim of police brutality. Darryl Richardson of the Toronto Media Co-op and Zach Ruiter of the Indignants interviewed Calfchild as he was registering for admission to the emergency room following the incident. Calfchild showed injuries consistent with having been beaten: a bruised and possibly broken left cheek bone, cut lip, bruised elbow, bruised right shoulder, scraped knees and other scrapes including marks from handcuffs that were too tight. Calfchild, who is a highly visible activist in such movements as IDLE NO MORE, believes he was specifically targeted for his role in protesting the police with Justice for Sammy Yatim.

Calfchild received multiple tickets from Officer Haroon, including tickets for riding through a red light and not having a bell on his bicycle. The fines from these tickets total several hundred dollars. Constable Haroon also confiscated Calfchild's status card without cause or explanation.

The authors attended 14 Division shortly after the incident; the desk sergeant on duty said `no comment`, and directed them to media relations at Police HeadQuarters.

Video by Darryl Richardson & Zach Ruiter


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