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Introduce us to a Friend: Week 3 of the TMC's November Membership Drive.

by Toronto Media Co-op

Introduce us to a Friend: Week 3 of the TMC's November Membership Drive.


If you read, and if you want to see that sort of reporting grow and expand, why not spread the word?  We can put out more critical reporting on issues in Toronto that aren't getting the coverage they deserve from mainstream media. But we need your help!

There are countless way to support our work. This week, we're asking you to introduce us to your friends.

Mention to your friends that November is membership month for the TMC, and that they should check out Toronto's hottest media co-op. Share a TMC story on facebook. Tweet "having lunch with TMC cutie Tim Groves. Yow." 


We entered our November membership drive with a goal of 30 new sustaining members. We already have 11 new sustaining members (thank you for joining!), but there's only one week left to join! 

To all our readers and supporters, this is the week to spread the word! And we will bring you more of the vital, harder hitting news coverage you depend on!

Here is how you can help:

a) If your not already a member, Join today.

b) Forward this post on to your friends, family and anyone else who you think can support the sort of grassroots news coverage you get from the TMC.

d) Use the site, share you favorite stories with you friends, post comments, and register for an account to add your own stories, videos, audio, blogs and photos.

c) Consider approaching one or two friends. Talk to them about the TMC and if they don't already know the site introduce it to them and ask them to become a member.

The Media Co-op is a model of journalism where the creators and readers of content are the owners. If this interests you, there are many different ways to get involved. This month, we are asking people to become sustaining membersof the Toronto Media Co-op. 

As one sustaining member said:

This morning I received a call from the Globe and Mail asking me to subscribe for a reduced subscription rate of $25/month. Hell, this is more than my $20/month contribution to TMC. If people realize we are offering something much more useful than the print edition of the Globe and Mail (or the Star) then maybe they will decide to send us the amount of a Globe and Mail subscription and get more value for their money.”

-Tim Vining, Toronto Media Co-op, sustaining member

If you become a sustaining member your donation will also be supporting The Dominion and you will receive a subscription to this publication for you and your friends (they make great holiday gifts!), among other perks. Most importantly you will be supporting the local news coverage our city needs.

A big thank you to everyone who is already a member! If you have any questions or comments please get in touch. 


Tim Groves,

Toronto Media Co-op

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