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The CAN-AM Tritium Connection!

by SAGEJessica Rowland

See video

In this video by Safe and Green Energy Peterborough organizers Jessica Rowland and Leah Jacob, Carmi talks about his experience growing up in Tuscon, Arizona, USA, when his family and community successfully fought a tritium polluter and won, 34 yrs ago. There are similarities between this situation and present day Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, where SSI, Shield Source, a glow in the dark tritium sign manufacturer had a huge accident in 2010, and recently was forced to close down temporarily and apologize to the public for grossly under-calculating their emissions.

Tritium causes cancer, birth defects and genetic mutations. SSI has recently been exposed by a third party monitor to have exceeded their annual limit for the past 2 years, and have under reported emissions by at up 10 times. The owner of SSI in Peterborough also was involved with safety light corporation in the USA-now an EPA cleanup site paid for by tax payers dollars...Is there a connection between Shield Source Inc. and Safety Light Corporation? Not according to the transcripts of the 2009 CNSC public hearing into the Shield Source operating licence. Mr. Lynch was specifically asked if there was any connection to a company known as Safety Light Corporation. In response Mr. Lynch said, "Shield Source was started in the mid-’80s on its own, has no affiliation of its own with Safety Light or any other U.S. corporation." Recent information forwarded by the Pennsylvania Dept. of Environmental Protection, Bureau of Radiation Protection indicates differently.

According to the Mainline Chamber of Commerce website

"Bill Lynch, Jr. is the President of Isolite Corporation in Berwyn, a marketer and distributor of self-luminous emergency lighting products.

Mr. Lynch is also President of the "parent" company, Safety Light Corporation and Shield Source Incorporated."


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