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Court Takes Away G20 Defendant's Right to Speak

by Jesse Freeston // Real News Network

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Report on the coerced gagging of social justice activist Alex Hundert at the hands of Canadian courts and police. Includes an interview with Hundert, that was filmed before he was banned from expressing political views.

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35 words


Obviously gag order violates s.2 of the charter.

Oh, I forget, Hundert`s now labeled a terrorist because he was brave enough to put his life on

the line, just like 1,000`s of colleagues, to defend social justice for all impoverished, fucked

over casualties of the shock syndrome marketers who directed the recession.  Hmm. ??

S. 2 rights suspended by city of T. O. during G20, G8 reminds me of the War Measures

Act,1970, Montreal.  F. L. Q. In the end,of 1,000`s areested, only 1 or 2 charged then.

Hmmm...?  Oh yeah, my memory eludes me again. We`re not people, we`re not truth seekers

in the eyes of the State.  No,no,no.  Public demonstrations against the elite are a signal to the

State that we, the average screwed over university student, worker, union member,Indigenous person,

professor, welfare recipient, E.I. recipient  are really the enemy.  General deterrence.  Oh....  Now I get

it??????  Hmmm............


Is this really 2010, or 1970 ? Ironically, Trudeau helped pen the charter too. Dialectical dilemma ?


Tactics like that don`t scare us anymore.  Solidarity is our most valuable weapon.

Never lose the faith,Alex.  I for one admire and respect you for your tenacity, bravery and

passionate commitment to the cause despite the threat of sanction. The moment is nearer.

Long live the resistance, if the world can survive the N. W. O. `s agenda. What`s next ? Animal Farm ?

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