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The G20's Accused Two Year's Later: Alex Hundert

by Carmelle Wolfson

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In June 2010, Alex Hundert became one of the lead activists planning protests against the G20 summit weekend in Toronto. He never made it to the summit, but the fallout from these actions has been tremendous. After being arrested at gunpoint prior to the G20, he was slapped with a host of conspiracy and counselling charges for his political activities. Since then, he has been silenced repeatedly for expressing his political views. For months Hundert was placed under house arrest and today still has fairly strict bail conditions.

On March 15, 2012, International Day Against Police Brutality, he spoke at a conference at McGill University on the topic of "Protests and Conflict: Who is to Blame?". Journalist and activist Judy Rebick, Dave Eby of the B.C. Civil Liberties Association and Joe Warmington of the Toronto Sun also spoke on the panel.

In November 2011, Hundert and five of his co-accused decided to take a plea deal that resulted in charges being dropped for 11 of their comrades. Hundert pled guilty to counsel to obstruct police and to commit mischief. He is currently awaiting his sentencing hearing in the spring, and will serve at least nine months inside jail, after taking into account the six months he has already served.

In the first of a series of conversations with the G20's accused, we spoke to Hundert about his plea deal and bail conditions.

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