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Lesley Wood at Drop G20 charges! Resisting the criminalization of dissent (17 Aug. 2010)

by Alessandra Renzi

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Excerpts from the speeches. Professor Lesley Wood, York University.

For ten days at the end of June, the Police led a coordinated armed
assault against Toronto's civilian population. Community organizers were
in particular targeted. Mobilizations for justice, for dignity and for
self-determination were infiltrated, harassed and intimidated. A Canada
wide response is at hand... as people fight to have the criminal charges
dropped and to continue the struggle against the G20's anti-people and
anti-environment policies. (Support the Legal Defence Fund!

To understand why people mobilized against the G20 and how organizers were targeted; to hear accounts of police brutality and repression; and to
understand the political nature of the bail conditions, the criminalization of dissent and ways to support the people facing charges, join us for an informative panel and discussion.

This event is focused towards activists, grassroots organizers and people
who are interested in knowing more and acting in solidarity with local
struggles and defendants.

Endorsers: Ontario Coalition Against Poverty | No One Is Illegal - Toronto
| Rainforest Action Network - Toronto | Common Cause - Toronto Branch

Sponsored by: Hussan Freedom Committee, Ontario Public Interest Research
Group - Toronto


LESLEY WOOD is a Professor of Sociology at York University and a member of
the Toronto Community Mobilization Network and the Ontario Coalition
Against Poverty. Lesley will be speaking about G20 policies, police
violence during the summit and the role of global justice movements and
community struggles. Read her latest movement article at:

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Dissent was the target?

I thought it was vandalism, arson and theft that were the targets. Man, York really employs some loopy profs!

I've had her as a prof, she's

I've had her as a prof, she's really knowledgeable!

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