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Pride Toronto's POLITICAL Trans March 2010

by Anita Krajnc

See video

Pride Toronto's 2nd Annual Trans March, Friday, July 2, 2010


*Ontario MPP Cheri DiNovo reintroduced Toby's Act, a private members bill, for the third time on July 2, 2010
*the Pride Coalition for Free Speech
and Queers Against Israeli Apartheid celebrate Pride Toronto's reversal of its earlier decision to ban the terms "Israeli Apartheid" at PRIDE events
*meanwhile, a new PRIDE COMMUNITY CONTRACT is being proposed http://pridecommunitycontract.wordpre... between Pride Toronto and the LGBT community, which would return Pride Toronto to its community roots and make a priority its responsibility to local communities

Video Production: Anita Krajnc

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108 words


Some here Would like to Share this Coming event Sunday in Guelph

as we don't know how to use this List Server to get stories listed ...


solidarity from Berlin: do you want that wegive some words from

Hallo in Toronto,

i have send this message to the queer activists mailadress from your
website, but it looks like nobody has read this and might resd it those
busy days. Thats why i try it on this list, maybe somebody thinks it
helpfull and thus answers ?

Dear queer activists,

at the Totonto G8/G20 resistance action days,

we just learned today about your activities and feel solidarity with
your mouvement.

we will have on 26. 06.10 in Berlin the queer political

trangenial CSD manifestation with the slogan :

13. Transgenialer CSD Berlin
"vehement times - for a powerfull queer resistance"

and as i shall make a critical speach about the crisis issues

: financial and ecological

the horror of the established neoliberal crisis-managers
( that have invaded your town those days)

i will mention the Toronto Resistance that is taking place at the time
for the right of the people ( and the earth)

throught the people that are active now in Totonto.

My speach will be held on the route of our demontration on

Kottbusser Brücke in Berlin.
i would love to give some message from Toronto G 8 / G20 activists..

it looks as if there will be some several tousend people there, as the
mainstream Berlin gay parade was allready last saturday.

It endet with an eclat as Judith Butler refused the civil courage prize,
that the mainstream parade organisers wanted to offer to her. Thus we
have more attention this year, as Butler mentioned that our queer parade
was the one she would accept as politicaly queer active.

if you would like to give us some sentences
as a message for joint queer resistance from the Toronto activiies
something important to add from the hot spot you are at right now,

i would tri to integrate them into my speach
( of however only some 4 minutes, so that your text should be

my speaches allways go in the direction for

Democrathy instead of capitalist dominion and wars
in the direction for

global binding laws for implementing ecological accountabillity onto
corporations and finanzindustries and to create a global mouvement soon
that is powerfull enought to push this throught !

The speach will be in German im however working on the text right now,
since the last version is to be actualised

it will apear on our website, as would also your message - if you
could/would send such -
as have done our former years speaches.


greetings and powerfull resistance days wishes from Berlin

Ruth Luschnat from transgenialer CSD plenum

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