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TVA's Support Local Farm Sanctuaries walk

by Anita Krajnc

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Toronto Vegetarian Association's first-ever support local farm sanctuaries trot-a-thon fundraiser on Aug. 21, 2010, began at Christie Pitts and headed towards Panacea Vegan Eco-Shop and then back to the park for a delicious and bountiful vegan potluck lunch and raffle.

Holly Larson, a member of the organizing committee of the Toronto Vegetarian Association's Support Local Farm Sanctuaries campaign, says: "In order to support the great work being done by farmed-animal sanctuaries in Ontario, TVA has joined forces with Animal Outreach -- a London, Ontario nonprofit group whose mission is to provide shelter and care for abandoned, neglected, unwanted, injured and abused domesticated animals, including farm animals... Together with TVA's work in advocacy of a plant-based diet, and the local farm sanctuaries' work saving farm animals, we can educate the public about the plight of farm animals and how choosing a cruelty-free diet is the most compassionate choice."

Interviews with:
*Ken Bontius, owner of Panacea Vegan Eco-Shop
*Sherry Ruby Ranch Pig Sanctuary, Kenilworth, Ontario
*Susan Morris, founder of Snooters Farm Animal Sanctuary, Uxbridge, Ontario

Video production and interviews by Anita Krajnc for rabbletv

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Topics: Food
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