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Calgary Anarchist's smash local RBC bank and McDonalds in retaliation of events at G8/G20.

by anonymous

Calgary Anarchist's smash local RBC bank and McDonalds in retaliation of events at G8/G20.

June 26/27: Saturday evening/early Sunday morning, under a full moon, a group of Calgary Anarchist's set out to show solidarity with political prisoners and comrades injured in recent events in Toronto. With police eyes distracted by the summits, we were able to destroy a local McDonalds and an RBC bank (chosen due to video footage of these establishments being targeted in Toronto riots) in retaliation of the police state brutalizing our friends and comrades from every walk of life, during the G8 and G20 protests. In addition to painting "NO G8, NO G20. THESE STREETS ARE OUR STREETS", to show our gestures of solidarity with protesters, we wanted to do even the smallest amount of action to show our respect and pride in all you people out there. Piece!

"Stay peaceful, by keeping your piece full." Dead Prez

"G8, G20. They few, we many." Test Their Logic

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A McDonald's and an

A McDonald's and an there are two corporations that won't be able to afford the re-build.

Once again, so called anarchists prove just how ignorant and clue-less they are

dear bruce michaels, shut

dear bruce michaels,

shut the fuck up. you clearly have an oppressive analysis.


please self terminate

Fuck off and die Bruce Michaels

Shall we write a polite letter asking the police not to rape our comrades instead Bruce Michaels? What measure of solidarity is appropriate in retaliation for rape? Should the women being raped by the pigs in the detention centre have been more polite? At what point will you and your fucking pacifist friends lay off the weed and come up with a better strateg?. Go back to Willowdale you voyeur fuck, this is a class war, not the model UN.


I hope that I catch you in a dark lane one night...

Unlike dark lanes late at night...

...we're hoping to keep the Media Co-op sites a safe space, where people can discuss differences of opinion without threats of physical violence. Please respect these basic guidelines.

Fuck you black bloc losers

The black bloc are a bunch of fucking tools. If they're not undercover cops, they might as well be. If these faux anarchists want to act like idiots they can go ahead, but show some RESPECT and don't HIJACK other people's demos. I don't want to be a human shied for a bunch of bratty little thugs who wouldn't know democracy if it hit them over the head. 

Our world has been 'HIJACKED'

Our world has been 'HIJACKED' by capitalism and our means of resistance has been 'HIJACKED' by your pacifist liberal monopoly dissent.


I don't want to be a human cog in your big liberal parade, I want to fight the fuck back.

The black bloc was a SEPERATE

The black bloc was a SEPERATE march that was planned to break off at a certain point. They hijacked nothing, and made it clear that it was a militant march to break off from the labour march.

If you don't want to be a human sheild...

Then don't sit down in the middle of the road in front of riot police. I think the weekend could be a lesson for the passive. Look at youtube. I can't find one person in black being attacked by police. The only assaults I see are on people screaming "we are peaceful", and the classic O Canada assault, which by the way, I thought was fitting for pacifists singing the song of the colonizer.

You can see it two ways really:

1) The bloc provoked the police into beating up the pacifists. The logic defies me. The bloc had long left the march by the time the real smashing begun, and the only things I see them using as shields are their fists and flag poles. Do not ask me to change my tactics to make you feel safer when those tactics are being practiced several blocks away.

2) Police are cowards, and cowards attack non-violent people. To avoid being attacked, indicate you will fight back violently. Traditionally, wearing black and covering your face is a good option. The cowards will then find other pacifists to beat on. Cowards doing it for the pay check generally don't like assaulting people when there's a chance they might get hurt.

Seriously pacifists, what's your strategy?

I see an end game for an insurrection. There's a vision. Insurrections have ushered in new eras of social relations before.

All pacifists seem to have is "We're gonna march, and show them our discontent, and then their hearts will melt, and they'll give up their power and money"

Reminds me of the underpants gnome model of business.

Step 1: Steal Underwear
Step 2: ?
Step 3: Profit!

It's a media war.

We can all agree that smashing windows is pretty small potatoes. It's essentialy intense street theatre, those corporations aren't directly being hurt by anything you're doing.

The analysis that needs to happen is "how does this appear?" Be aware that you will probably be filmed whether you like it or not. Ask yourself, what is it that I want to communicate to the public? How is the public reacting?

Smash the state! I don't care about the public!

...then you will remain forever marginalized and the majority of people will not support you. You're playing into the hands of power by giving them the images they want.

time for re-think?

 ok, fine you black bloc types want to fight? OK, I'm sympathetic, but I believe there's something to be said about winning hearts and minds here. Instead of just breaking windows and providing the government with a PR victory, how about switching your role to be the protectors of the marchers, the first line of defence? They don't want to fight, but you do. I wasn't there, but would like your opinion.

"They don't want to fight, but you do."

Do people think that the bloc has some kind of orgasmic pleasure from fighting? or that they even remotely enjoy being in harms way? That they're not terrified for their lives as they do as they do? This is analagous to Bill Blair's bullshit quotes about how these are nothing but violent thugs with no politics.

There is a place for violent thugs with no politics, a place where they can practice their sadistic, senseless tendencies with impunity. It's called government. It's called the police, the politician, the bureaucrat,  and the military.

"how about switching your role to be the protectors of the marchers, the first line of defence?"

I'm reminded of the words of Fred Hampton "Let me just say: Peace to you, if you're willing to fight for it." ( I don't think Fred meant a candle light vigil or march )

The bloc works because members fight back COLLECTIVELY.

As far a media war goes... I mean this is just so painfully obvious. The mainstream media in Canada is predominantly owned by large private interests, and the state. The state serves large private interests. Therefore, defacto, large private interests control the media. Do you really think the mainstream, controlled by private intersts, is going to speak against itself? If you do, I can't help you overcome that chasm of non-logic. I mean, reporters get fired in Canada for not towing the line. It's happened repeatedly at Canwest. Google it.

I'm not saying media doesn't have a part to play. The media co-op is dope. rocks my socks. We need more of it. But pandering to the mainstream media is a waste of the precious little energy that exists for resistance. An arguably better approach would be street level advertising of independent media sources, or even street level soapboxing and political discussion.

Ultimately what will win this war is an abolition of the state, the power that enforces corporate rule. Not regime change. I don't want Harper, Ignateif, Layton, Libby, or any common list of elites having power over anyone I care about. Do people forget the government of Canada, any government of Canada, is a bankrupt, colonizing, and immoral instituion? Decentralized people power is what is needed. People becoming self-organized, building instituitions outside of capital, and violently defending those insitutions when capital attempts to deal them a blow. Real solidarity with the third world doesn't mean bearing witness, real solidarity means attack. The reality is, not everyone will be won over. That doesn't mean that starbucks/nike/coke/ insert union-killing cartel mafia here, doesn't need to have the maximum economic sabotage inflicted on them at any given moment. Maybe if you read more mediacoop and other alternative press, you'd realize this isn't a lone incident. People are throwing down every night of the week all over Canada.

Don't think a window or two means anything? Then pick up a fucking brick and join in you cowards!

Don't forget solidarity!

I agree with both sides. Lets not let the media devide and conqour us through making us think we have to decide whether we will be apart of the black bloc collective or peaceful demonstrations. Reality is we are all fighting the same war here. Just because a group takes part in militant action it doesn't mean that they also haven't taken part in peaceful demonstrations or serve free food on the street every weekend. Just because you don't think that someones tactics of fighting the state are ineffective, doesn't make it true. Personaly I feel that both are highly effective. Peaceful marches and rallies raise awareness on the issues, and the more militant actions show the state that the people are fucking pissed and we won't back down, even if they have to go toe to toe with 20,000 riot cops. In the end, "One cannot live without the other."

protectors of the marchers

there's a history of people utilizing the black bloc tactic to protect vulnerable lines of protests, marches, etc.

i believe at a point prior to the summit, the organizers of the labor march expressed that they didn't want the black bloc presence at their march, hence the block formed and broke off as quickly as possible

Black Bloc: the politics of manufacturing consent

Black Bloc: the politics of manufacturing consent


The most efficient way of controlling a population is to keep it angry. Being that the government's only control comes through the threat of violence it is best for it to support the notion of justifiable anger.

The Black Bloc is the best tool in the maintaining of a police state. And it is so simple when confronted with the naivety of almost the entire global population in their delusion of thinking anger is just a 'human emotion'.

I have to walk gently here, as many of my friends get angry at the notion that arrests are necessary to affect change. So, instead of offering themselves wholly and peaceably they rely on a history of guerrilla tactics to display their frustration, subsequently supporting the thing they propose to oppose by offering an excuse for the police to protect public interest.

Essentially, if one is not ready to get arrested, or die, for a cause they are not ready to champion it.

The cowardice of hiding one's face, must be forgiven, even as it is ostracized for being the poison that it is. These are our family and friends and they are seeing our world gearing up to be completely populated by retarded slaves, as any sense of the freedom of living on a enlightened garden planet looks to be lost forever... so, the anguish is completely understandable. Patience be with us all as the hardest answers are revealed.

Death before dishonour.


I refuse to engage this debate-- I have better things to do, like shav ing my head with a cheese grater.

But I will say this-- as loud as I can-- anyone who calls people who choose not to throw a brick "cowards" ARE FULL OF SHIT.


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