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Its all connected - call out for solidarity against neo-nazi organizers

Organized fascism is trying to secure a foothold in our city by projecting the rage of alienated and disillusioned youth upon marginalized communities - rather than on the banks and corporations where it rightly belongs.

This upcoming weekend, known neo-nazi organizers, along with their fair-weather friends in the Christian right, have stated their intention to disrupt the London Gay Pride Parade - which they ignorantly refer to as a “parade of perversion.”

We are calling on all anti-racists, anti-fascists and members of queer communities to gather at Victoria Park on Sunday, July 25th at 11:00 am. Please feel free to bring signs, flags and banners; remember to wear your union pins. Together we will help these Boneheads get it through their thick skulls, once and for all, that they are not welcome in our communities – they aren’t welcome anywhere!

During the Pride Parade, we will stand in solidarity with our comrades in the LGBT community, and encourage others to join us to send a strong message to these fascist scumbags: Homophobia, sexism, racial bigotry and hate-mongering will not pass unchallenged so long as we have breath in our lungs and boots on our feet.

Anti-fascists unite!

Common Cause – London
London RebELLEs

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On a map

Here's Victoria Park on a Google map -

If you're driving in, the Wellington ramp off of the 401 will take you right past the park.


Important note. The event had NOT been endorsed by Sexual Assault Centre London. There was some miscommunication between them and the orginizers.




those scumbag neogoons didnt even show up, only the christians came to spread their message of inequality...

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