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Idle No More - Toronto Walk for Water

by Kevin Konnyu

On January 26th Idle No More supporters gathered for a Walk for Water to participate in a ceremony honouring the sacredness of our water.  Water carriers carried the water to the waterfront where a sacred fire was burning and a ceremony was held.  Participants brought cups or cupped their hands and drank the water during the ceremony.  The actual ceremony was a sacred event and photography was not permitted.

The following is from the Facebook event call-out: 

Indigenous & allied supporters of IdleNoMore Toronto
Gather at Queen & Spadina at noon we will Walk together to the waterfront
*****bring,blue and/or silver reflective ribbons (to flow in wind-use a saftey pin to pin the ribbon to your coat) then the visual will match the theme.*******
Elder Pauline Shirt will lead us in a ceremony
Plains Cree, Red-Tail Hawk Clan
****Pauline Shirt was born and raised in Saddle Lake Reserve, Alberta. Pauline is greatly recognized for her commitment to the Toronto Native community and for her dedication as a teacher and lecturer since the late sixties. She is a member of the Three Fires Society and the Buffalo Dance Society. Pauline Shirt, a Founder of the First Nations School and the Red Willow, are just two examples of her hard work ethic and perseverance to enhancing the betterment of the Toronto Aboriginal community. Today, Pauline serves as a mentor to many Aboriginal youth and young families as an experienced and trusted Grandmother. She also works in all levels of government conducting Opening Prayers and attending meetings, making sure the Aboriginal community is positively recognized as she offers a voice for her people.Bring all of your love & appreciation for the gift of water
***Lee Maracle will also be speaking toward importance of Water. Lee is the author of a number of critically acclaimed winning literary works including: Sojourner’s and Sundogs [(...). Ms. Maracle is widely published in anthologies and scholarly journals worldwide. Maracle was born in North Vancouver and is a member of the Sto: Loh nation. Maracle is a mother of four and grandmother of seven. Maracle has served as the Distinguished Visiting Professor at both University of Toronto and Western Washington University. In 2009, Ms. Maracle received an Honorary Doctor of Letters from the St. Thomas University. Ms. Maracle is an award winning author, an award winning instructor and a gifted orator. Ms. Maracle is currently teaching in the Aboriginal Studies program at the University of Toronto and the Centre of Indigenous Theatre.
***WALK 4 WATER-MESSAGE from Luanna Harper Shirt Tansi my relatives in the four directions..Grandma Pauline is asking that all those Water Walkers in the Toronto area from years gone by to come and help in this coming together in prayer for Lake Ontario and all the Rivers and Streams that run to it. and also this is open to all people, men and women. Hiy Hiy!
Dress with a water-loving flair, bring drums & shakers, and please bring messages relating to water!
*****if you can bring,blue and/or silver reflective ribbons (to flow in wind-use a saftey pin to pin the ribbon to your coat) then the visual will match the theme.**************
Bring your own glass for water. 
Walk with the Grandmothers for Water
Walks ends at York and Waterfront
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