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June 1st Aboriginal Day of Action - Toronto

by Kevin Konnyu

GRC Ontario Press Release-May 27, 2013.

June 1st Aboriginal Day of Action

[Toronto, ON] For immediate release

The Grass Roots Committee-Ontario is organizing a response to the deaths of two Aboriginal women in Toronto. This is, "an immediate response to questionable circumstances to the death of two native women in the Toronto area," according to GRC organizer John Fox, the father of one of the deceased women. The rally will call attention to the ongoing issue of missing and murdered Aboriginal women and the role police play in Canada.

“Police inaction in the face of violence against Native women condones and enables that violence,” says Fox. In circumstance of his daughter’s death, the police ruled the case a suicide just a few hours after the death. According to media information, the second victim was a witness in a major crime and was supposedly under police protection at the time of death.

Aboriginal grassroots organizers, community members and supporters are taking action to draw attention and speak out against these injustices. In Toronto, the action will consist of a portion of the Don Valley Expressway being closed off. Demonstrators seek to close the bridge which crosses HWY 401 and the Don Valley Expressway. 

Attacks on native women are attacks on native nations. As a committee, GRC-Ontario feels that the police have not done enough to address the concerns of both cases and want to draw attention to how the police, through non-investigation, are complicit in these unsolved cases.

This is a peaceful event. Families and friends of missing and murdered Aboriginal women are outraged by the Toronto Police Services and the manner in which they have handled these cases. This event is meant as a warning to Toronto Police and investigators into the cases of missing Aboriginal women. We call for accountability and demand further and thorough examination of the "alleged" suicide of Cheyenne Fox and the mysterious death of Terra Gardner.

This event will begin on June 1st at 12 noon at Toronto Police Head Quarters (50 Up John Rd). Ceremony will begin at 12pm, followed by speeches from invited spokespersons on the subject of missing and murdered Aboriginal women.

If you require further information, please email

John Fox
Chair, the Grass Roots Committee-Ontario. -30-

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