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Map of Annual Feb 14th Women’s Memorial March

by Tim Groves

See larger version below
see larger version below

Below you will find two maps. The first is a map of the scheduled events for the Annual February 14th Women's Memorial March, created by myself. The Second is a crowd sourced map of missing and murdered indgenous women created by the hacker group Anonymous. 


Annual February 14th Women's Memorial March Map



The maps of events is based on the information found on this web page:

If there are events in your area that you wanted added to the map, you can add them to this spreadsheet, and they will later be added to the map.



Op Thunderbird Map



To add to the map put out by anonymous you can visit the Project Thuderbird website:

More information is found in this article:


To see a blog post on these maps that links to a radio interview on CBC click here



Tim Groves is an investigative researcher and journalist based in Toronto. He can be reached at timgrovesreports [at] and tweets @timymit.   For more information on his work visit






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