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Take Back Our Streets Rally

by Andy K Bond

No G8 No G20
Women Fighting War Everywhere
Fight To Win
Take Back Our Streets Rally
Down With Capitalism
Free Palestine
Police State
Police vs Juggler
New World Order
Tent City

 Thousands of people took to the streets in Toronto to oppose the closed door G8/G20 meetings. They were met with an alarmingly high police presence in full riot gear.

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Andy K Bond (Wise Blood)
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seeing as how cop cars are

seeing as how cop cars are being burned, there should be more cops. you think you are protesting something great, but you are proving your selfishness.

don't be so surprised, there could never be enough cops

this is like planned terrorism by Harper to make peaceful protestors look like shit. there has so much intimidation repeated in the mainstream media. I joined the protest peacefully(wearing peace tshirt) and had a great time. what i noticed was there were too many cops. i am not surprised that they were unable to stop the police cars from burning and other vandalism, this is what the cops and Harper want to happen, it justifies this overabundance of darth vaders. They totally f'@#ked  up planning the location for this summit. And it now seems clear that they did it on purpose. This was a PR stunt to scare people into submission. Terrorism Harper style.

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