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Interactive Map: Toronto Olympic Torch Protest

Map, Pictures and Rundown of Olympic Protest in Toronto

by Gwalgen Geordie Dent

Oriel Varga (No Games Toronto)
Oriel Varga (No Games Toronto)
Oriel Varga (No Games Toronto)
Oriel Varga (No Games Toronto)
Oriel Varga (No Games Toronto)
Oriel Varga (No Games Toronto)
Oriel Varga (No Games Toronto)
Oriel Varga (No Games Toronto)

Toronto - On December 17th, 2009 approximately 200 protesters met in sub-zero tempuratures at University and College St. in Toronto's Downtown core to protest the Olympic Torch passing through Downtown Toronto.

A map of the march can be found here.

After roughly an hour and a half of speakers, protesters starting marching chanting "No Olympics on Stolen Native Land" for the rest of the duration of the march. 

After moving into the streets protesters were stopped by a line of bike police for roughly 10 minutes.  Protesters then swarmed around the police line and advanced to Bay and College, in the heart of the Canadian financial district before being stopped again by a second line of bike police and 4 patrol cars.

When mounted police showed up, protesters doubled back, ran down an alley and through an underground parking garage.  A number of protesters with disabilites and children were unable to continue and were left behind.

Protesters continued down another alley through Barbara Ann Scott Park and took over a nearby intersection at Gerrard and Yonge St. for another 20 minutes.  Police surrounded protesters with a large police wagon and patrol vehicles while mounted police assembled in Barbara Ann Scott Park.

Protesters then started moving north towards the Olympic Torch which was coming South on Yonge St. and supposed to head West on College St.  Police were unprepared and began frantically biking to the head of the demonstration trying to head off protesters at Yonge and College where thousands of pro-Olympics supporters had assembled to meet the Torch relay. Several protesters believed police were expecting the protest to head South towards Nathan Phillips Square, the end destination for the Torch and were therefore unprepared for the protesters actions.

When protesters reached College and Yonge St. they took over the intersection after roughly 6 police failed to contain hundreds of protesters.

A sizeable media presence recorded protester actions.  Videos can be found here

After 20 minutes, protesters continued to move North on Yonge St. towards the Olympic Torch.  A  number of Olympic supporters who had lined up to greet the Torch began booing protesters who continued to shout "No Olympics on Stolen Native Land!" 

A pro-Olympics woman looking after a small group of children began to lead the children in a rendition of "Oh Canada".

Protesters continued towards the Torch passing several patrol cars and mounted police before reaching Yonge and Wellesley St. where they learned that the Torch had been rerouted from the downtown core.

Protesters began celebrating and then dispursed in groups to avoid arrest and assault.  Two protesters were arrested after the protest had dispersed.


View Anti Olympics Torch Route in a larger map

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