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99: Dispatches from Occupy Toronto Issue 6

by Toronto Media Co-op

99: Dispatches from Occupy Toronto Issue 6

Issue #6 of 99, a broadsheet covering Occupy Toronto and beyond, produced by your friendly independent journalists at the Toronto Media Co-op.  This issue features*: 

November 15: 'Eviction Day' by Justin Saunders & Megan Kinch

What Happens After Eviction Day? by Eli Horwatt

"The Anishnabek of this territory support Occupy Toronto" by Deb O'Rourke

Occupy Briefs & Upcoming Events

This issue is edited by Justin Saunders and Megan Kinch, with layout by Alex Hundert.

99 is a project of Toronto Media Co-Op which operates as an independent outlet for grassroots journalism, radical media and non-corporate coverage of the Occupy Toronto movement and related global struggles.

99 is available for distribution at the Info booth at Occupy Toronto (come pick up one or a whole stack) and The Linux Cafe

(Issue #1  Issue #2 Issue #3 Issue #4 and Issue#5 also online) Follow us on twitter: 99_OccupyTo

Also check out our counterpart from the Montreal Media Co-op "99%, l'organe officiel d'occupons Montréal"

*Online versions of stories are often longer and more comprehensive than the broadsheet version, you can also download the pdf to get the official broadsheet.

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