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Black-Bloc Obscures Worldly Important Issues

by Grim Reaper

G8 G20 Magazine
G8 G20 Magazine

There's an overwhelming amount of text and pictures devoted to the Black-Bloc. What about the other important issues that were supposedly discussed at the G8 and G20 which we have been diverted from by the suspension of civil rights and the violence during the G8 and G20? It appears that the Harper and his buddies have succeeded in using their police state tactics to obscure how little he and the other "leaders" accomplished for the betterment of humanity, and at such a huge expense. We should not be blindsided by the violent occurrences during the G8 and G20. Let's get on with the other issues too. Here's a hyperlink to the "official" G8/G20 magazine which has many interesting articles: I am not endorsing that magazine, only providing it for examination, reading, thinking about and, hopefully, discussion.

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145 words


I would discuss the magazine

I would discuss the magazine with you but every time I try to read a page I want to vomit.

hey, don't diminish the work

hey, don't diminish the work of the black bloc.  now many people know there is determined opposition to the G20, even if they don't know the particular details (as occured with the WTO after SEattle 1999). 

The police repression witnessed in Toronto is as much a part of the G20 agenda as its economic or political policies, and is a sign of things to come in the future as socio-economic conditions decline.

As the state resorts increasingly to repression, the black block will be an example of how to resist effectively, not just parading on the streets like the useless pacifists.

I wonder if your reaction is

Cascata, I wonder if your reaction is typical.

The publication begins with a lie, the cover's split frame picture of the Muskoka natural local and the Toronto skyline seen from the Toronto Islands is totally misrepresentative of what the G8 and G20 participants would and did see, they saw none of these from inside of their G8 and G20 fortresses, only the deck/dock and fake lake from which they could view a tourism focused slide show of Muskoka. Then, it was extremely difficult to get past the politicians' letters congratulating themselves, each other, the carpet-bagging G8-G20 participants, and advertising interspersed between them. I continued but there's so much G8-G20 promotional rhetoric that it makes finding the meaningful content extremely tedious but there is some. For example;

By the Brookings Institution:

"... G-20 leaders must now be willing to back up their rhetoric with deeds and be ready to pay the price for breaking their commitments."

Print version might be useful as mulch in my permaculture garden

Hi GR,
Thanks for your article and response. After suffering assault at the hands of their police, losing my lunch over their propaganda is not a big deal. Better than the 9/11 Commission Report, which in 9 years I have never gotten past the cover.
Knowing your opposition, and maintaining focus on the big picture is definitely important. For this I look to the multitude of academics, organisations, and communities who deal directly with the consequences of these meetings. Their intelligent investigation of the proceedings and results makes the G20's own release look like a children's book (and a terrible one, because I love children's books)

"and if the G20 leaders dont

"and if the G20 leaders dont keep their commitments, they will be held to the same level of justice as everyone else"  oh wait  that wasn't in there.


do we really need analysis on why this particular g2/20 meeting sucked? is that really where we should be spending our time. 


ill give you the executive:

workers got attacked, indigenous got attacked, womyn got attacked, prisoners got attacked, resistance communities got attacked, queers got attacked, the poor got attacked. a whoel bunch of people got attacked.

some rich white dudes will be richer and if possible, more white, the ignorant and intolerants will be energized with a nationalistic ferver and dissent will not be tolerated anywhere.  ahh success...

its the system not just the process of oppression.




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