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#DamLine9, Enbridge Line 9 Pipeline Construction Site Blockaded

A map to the #DamLine9 construction blockade
A map to the #DamLine9 construction blockade
#DamLine9 blockade site
#DamLine9 blockade site

Tuesday morning at 7am, activists interrupted work on a section of Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline in Innerkip, Ontario, near Woodstock. The construction site is undergoing a valve installation and is located near the Thames (Antler) River.

Calling their occupation #DamLine9, they have announced they "intend to stop construction indefinitely."

Enbridge’s Line 9 pipeline expansion and reversal to carry tar sands oil (including diluted bitumen) eastwards was approved earlier this year by the National Energy Board. Bitumen and heavier oils produced in Alberta’s tar sands are notoriously harder to clean up due to their tendency for components to sink in water, as evidenced in the 2010 Kalamazoo River oil spill in Michigan.

Blockader Rachel Avery says that the National Energy Board process “[has] merely rubber-stamped dangerous tar sands projects and failed to protect us, so we are here out of necessity,” and that the “project is also being illegally forced through without meaningful consultation of Indigenous communities”.

Activists claim the Thames River and by extension all those who rely on it are not adequately protected from leaks or spills that are likely due to the age and damage to the pipeline. “The new valves aren’t designed to protect rivers, they’re designed to maximize the amount of bitumen that can flow through the line,” said activist Sarah Scanlon.

The grassroots organized action has attracted individuals from affected communities from all around south-western Ontario.


August 5

4:50pm Police have given #DamLine9 blockaders a 6pm eviction notice deadline but activists vow to stay.

6:10pm 2 blockaders detained while leaving the site; vehicle pulled over by police down concession road.

7:00pm 1 arrest being reported. #DamLine9 protesters still calling for supporters to join them saying that this arrest is an "isolated incident".

10:00pm #DamLine9 blockade still going. Callout for supporters to join in the morning.


7am #DamLine9 blockade has survived the night.

9am Bail hearing for activist arrested while leaving #DamLine9 site. Activist released.

3:30-4pm Enbridge requested meeting with #DamLine9 blockaders for an on site discussion.

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