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The Huron Declaration on Nuclear Waste

As a signatory, my responsibility is to educate and contest the continued production of nuclear waste.

by Angela Bischoffet al.Gordon EdwardsZach Ruiter

You cannot run from nuclear waste
You cannot run from nuclear waste

The Huron Declaration

October 13, 2012

At a Conference on Nuclear Power and the Great Lakes Basin recently held in Huron, Ohio, it was learned that Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is planning to create a deep underground dump for the long-term storage of "low and intermediate level nuclear wastes" from all of Ontario’s nuclear power reactors in very close proximity of Lake Huron. The undersigned individuals are profoundly shaken by that proposition and are taking this occasion to register their opposition to it.

It is universally acknowledged that nuclear waste must be kept away from water circulating through the environment of living things, since water is seen as the main vehicle for eventual dissolution and dissemination of radiotoxic pollutants. When nuclear waste is monitored and retrievable, this can be accomplished through active intervention. However when wastes are abandoned they are effectively beyond human control.

The ultimate purpose of building an underground dump is to abandon the nuclear waste there. The stupidity and arrogance of planning to abandon nuclear wastes near one of the most significant bodies of fresh water in the world defies common sense. In the wake of the Fukushima disaster of 2011 and the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste storage fiasco, we are determined that engineering euphoria not be allowed to guide public policy in matters that transcend existing scientific knowledge and that involve countless generations to come.

We call upon the Governments of Canada and the USA, as well as First Nations, Indigenous Communities and Tribes in the Great Lakes Basin, to vigorously oppose the OPG proposed dump and to prevent its implementation.

It is understood that the proposed OPG dump is not to be used for the storage of irradiated nuclear fuel. However, there is no limitation as to the toxicity, longevity or diversity of radioactive materials to be included in the ill-defined categories of low and intermediate level waste that will be stored there. Indeed, virtually all of the radionuclides found in irradiated nuclear fuel are represented to some degree in these so-called low and intermediate level wastes.

We appeal to all people living in the Great Lakes Basin and their elected representatives to say no to OPG's proposed deep underground dump for radioactive wastes.

Statement endorsed by the following individuals
(affiliations are for identification purposes only)
Kathryn Barnes
Don't Waste Michigan

Lee Blackburn
Sierra Club

Angela Bischoff
Ontario Clean Air Alliance

Mike Carberry
Green State Solutions
Iowa City, Iowa

Corinne Carey
Don't Waste Michigan
Grand Rapids, Michigan

Hélène Connor
Paris, France

Kay Cumbow
Blue Water Sierra Club, Southeast Michigan Group
Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination
Great Lakes United Green Energy/Nuclear Free Task Force3

Diane D’Arrigo
Nuclear Information and Resource Service
Washington, DC
Great Lakes United Green Energy/Nuclear Free Task Force

Robert Del Tredici
The Atomic Photographers' Guild

Gordon Edwards
Canadian Coalition for Nuclear Responsibility
Great Lakes United Green Energy/Nuclear Free Task Force
Montreal, Quebec

Bobbi Filanda
Blue Water Sierra Club
Port Huron, Michigan

Patrick Gibbons
Save Our Saugeen Shores
Saugeen Shores, Ontario

Alice Hirt
Don't Waste Michigan

Michael J. Keegan
Nuclear Free Great Lakes
Great Lakes United Green Energy/Nuclear Free Task Force
Monroe Michigan

Arthur Klein
West Valley Task Force
Sierra Club, Niagara Group
Tonawanda NY

Dave Kraft
Nuclear Energy Information Service
Chicago, Illinois4

John LaForge
Luck, Wisconsin

Michael Leonardi
Coalition Against Nukes
Toledo, Ohio

Vic Macks
Michigan Stop the Nuclear Bombs Campaign
Peace Action of Michigan
St. Clair Shores, Michigan

Ruth MacLean
Kincardine, Ontario

Esther Marcus
Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination
Sierra Club, Southeast Michigan Group
Taos Pueblo Grandmother

Patricia A. Marida, Chair
Ohio Sierra Club
Nuclear­Free Ohio Committee

Ed McArdle
Michigan Sierra Club
Great Lakes United Green Energy/Nuclear Free Task Force

Marti McFadzean
Inverhuron Committee to oppose the DGR at the Bruce

Victor McManemy
Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination
Great Lakes Songwriter

Alfred Meyer
Physicians for Social Responsibility
New York, NY5

Ethyl M. Rivera,
Sierra Club, Southeast Michigan Group

Alicia Rivers
Central Ohio Sierra Club

Zach Ruiter
Safe and Green Energy
Toronto First Nations Solidarity Working Group

Otetwin Schrubbe
Nottawasepi Huron Band of the Potawatomi
Citizens for Alternatives to Chemical Contamination

Gloria Scicli
Sierra Club, Southeast Michigan Group.

Robert Simpson
Sierra Club, Nepessing Group

Steven Sondheim
Sierra Club, Nuclear Free Activist Group

Jutta Splettstoesser
Huron­Grey­Bruce Citizens Committee on Nuclear Waste
Kincardine, Ontario

Bonnie Urfer

Barbara Warren
Citizens' Environmental Coalition
Albany, New York

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