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Montrealers arrested in Toronto ahead of G20 protest

by Tim McSorleyTim Groves

UPDATE (6:10pm): Reports are now that 4 members of CLAC were arrested earlier this morning, and not the 11 to 14 reported earlier this morning. One other member of RAGE 2010 was arrested later in the day.


Between 11 and 14 people from Montreal were arrested by police this morning in Toronto. No information has been released yet about why they were arrested or if charges have actually been laid. All of those stopped were Montreal community organisers. No names have been released.

The arrests came after Toronto police also confronted members of the Quebec-based Anti-Capitalist Convergence (CLAC) as they arrived in buses to the city. Fifteen minutes after four buses organised by CLAC arrived at the gynm where they would be staying, 50 police showed up and aggressively confronted them.

"It was clearly an attempt to intimidate people," said CLAC member Jaggi SIngh. "This is just a drop in the bucket of the billon dollar police state."

There were also raids on at least two Toronto houses, with multiple arrests. In total, approximately two dozen people have been arrested since last night.

A press conference is beginning soon. Watch a live stream here

More updates to come.

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