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Open Thread: Arrests and protest developments

Post your accounts from protest in the comments

Here's an interview with Submedia at Allan Gardens.

And a short report received via the Media Centre.

Post links or brief accounts from any reliable source.

Photos: 1, 2.

According to the @mediacoop twitter feed, journalists are being arrested/detained for photographing police stopping and searching protesters.

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I was just at the protest

I was just at the protest handing out water. 

It's heavily flanked by police on both sides.  I walked through a gap in the police line and a cop grabed me and told me I wasn't able to go through but I pulled myself away and went through anyways.

Got into a shouting match with him before he scolded his fellow officers and told them to "tighten up!" the line.

It's a hot day and I hope that water came in handy for those people on the streets...

Organizer arrested, journalist assaulted

We received a report that a No One is Illegal organizer was violently arrested (or detained; no confirmation that rights were read). Several NOII organizers have been assaulted by police, according to other reports.

Real News Network journalist Jesse Freeston was punched in the face by police while filming the arrest. He is now sporting a fat lip. He later asked police if they had received instructions to assault journalists. One officer responded by seizing his microphone and holding it for 15 minutes.

as far as I know

no NOII member was arrested today.



This was confirmed...

...with the person who was arrested. They were subsequently un-arrested.

More photos

Riot cops, a great many of them.

Yet another undercover, implicitly advocating the use of illegal drugs.

Bikes as weapons.

Feed of mobile photos taken

Elm & University

Lots of reports of being pinned in at Elm & Univeristy with riot police and police on horses. March is stalled, trying to split the crowd. Worries about dehydration.

Live streaming video


Interview with Jesse Freeston of Real News


Cops confisate epipens, water

Recieved several reports that the police were taking away things that people needed, but protesters shared among themselves what they had.

"Medics got their epipen confiscated. So I gave the medics my epipen" said Barbara Legault from Montreal.  When asked what she would do if she needed it she said "If I need it I'll find a medic. They have it, it's collective, for everyone".

Sarah Shoshana was a bit worried about sunstroke "They took my earplugs and my bandana. And they took Xavier's water. But not by water".

Police are confiscating earplugs

According to recent from the march

amc reporters talk about confiscations cops attacking crowd

heres a video with report from amc journalists talk about confiscations and cops attacking the crowd at the march:

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