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The Spoke: Issue 15

June 2011 Issue of the Toronto Media Co-Op's Print Publication

by Toronto Media Co-op

The Spoke: Issue 15

Issue 15 of the SPOKE (released on the one year anniversary of the G20 Convergence in Toronto) features stories on the G20, the campaign against the austerity agenda, police infiltration and queer representation in Toronto.

This Issue includes:

G20 Land and The Real Canada text and illustrations by Megan Kinch

Ongoing Resistance to the G20 adgenda  by Alex Hundert

Living Among Us: Activists Speak out Against Infiltration by Tim Groves (edited version of an article with the same name from Briarpatch)

The Other Gays Speak Back by Frida Press

Photos from Deb O'Rourke and Paul Kellog.

This issue of the Spoke was edited by Alex Hundert and Megan Kinch.

Issue 15 of the SPOKE is attached.

File attachments:

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Tags: #spoke

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